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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thusday 3/1/12 3 rounds

Today's class was huge! We broke down the WOD in to 3 sessions/rounds. I luckily did the 1st round. Not too much to say, but it was a short day! How awesome was it to have Silvio work out with us today? He is a machine I tell you. He makes all the exercises look easy. I swear it took him like a whole 3 min to finish his WOD. He's there one second then the next you say where did he go? 
Warm up:
  1. Jump rope 2min
  2. 5 burpees
  3. 10 switch leg lunges (i say 20 cause one on each side)
  4. 15 BSU
  5. repeat 2-4
  6. repeat 2-4 again
  7. Jump rope 2 min
  1. Partner warm ups partner sits with legs out straight and arms out on either side and the other partner jumps over one arm then the legs then the other arm and back around that's one rep, repeat a total of 5 times. Don't kid yourself sounds fun and easy, but try jumping that many times continuously. Switch positions and repeat. This is a little freaky cause you feel like your partner may jump and crush your legs if they miss their jump, so it's best to close you eyes every noe and then when you feel like your legs will be broken. No offense to my partner, just paranoid of broken bones. :O
  2. Partner warm up, one partner does childs pose on the ground and the other partner jumps over their back. Then from childs pose to a plank like position and your partner has to crawl under you. Those 2 moves is 1 rep. Repeat for a total of 5 reps. Switch up positions and repeat! I actually liked this one. Thankfully I wear long pants cause my knees would have been bruised up! I did this as fast as I could! zoom! Jump and crawl, jump and crawl LOL. I felt young again :D

21-15-9 reps
  1. ring rows (put your feet on a box and lay back and pull yourself up, it's like a pull up on the rings) i tried to do it, but cold only do 3-4 on the box then. modified it to feet on the ground
  2. ring push ups (modified is pushups) of course I did regular push ups.
  3. 100m run including up & down stairs. my shins are killing me. I just barely touched it on a chair after I got home and it was like electricity shooting up my leg. That is old age. I think I am one of the older if not the oldest person in my class. I wonder how old everyone is?
my time was 8 min something seconds. I forgot and my picture came out all screwed up. 

It was a very short WOD, but really hard. I have absolutely no upper body strength. The exercises that require me to use my arms to pull myself up are the hardest ones. I can't seem to do them. I know I have improved with my pull ups, but I just don't feel any stronger when it comes to my arms. They still feel flabby. This is my biggest problem. My arm strength. Maybe I should do more push ups? I wonder if that would help or is that the wrong exercise??? Hmmm don't know.... I hate feeling like I can't do a task. It sucks! I feel like I'm trying my hardest, but it doesn't show. At least to me. 
WELL Until Monday!!
Chow chow for now 

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  1. I think I would be to scared to let a person trust me to jump over them.I am the worst jumper! These workout seem real interesting!

    1. I definitely encourage anyone to try it. You can't get this from LA fitness or any other gym. This is heard but sooooo much fun. I never thought working out would be fun our that I would want to go all the time. But yeah the jumping thing it's freaky. You have to trust your partner.