Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday 2/14/12 So tired

I think my body is too tired. I almost fell asleep when I got home, but decided not to cause I knew I would not go to crossfit if I did. So I was telling Manny that I was so tired and my thighs and calves were sore etc. and he says "can you massage my feet? My feet are sore from running". Umm HELLOOOOO????I was thinking did he just hear me say how tired I was and how sore I was? Then I thought oh yeah I forget men have that tuning out device when we women speak. He must have had the volume to my voice in his brain muted. I don't think he was listening. No wait I know he wasn't listening. LOL. Do you guys hear us speaking or is it like Snoopy the Charlie Brown character speaking "wha wha wha wha wha wha wha".
Anyway on to the day.

Warm up:

  1. Run a lap this was the hardest lap yet. My legs didn't want to leave the ground. It was like lifting 50lb weights off the floor with each step. 
  2. high knees 
  3. butt kickers
  4. soldier or toy soldier 
  5. bear crawl 
  6. crab walk/crawl backwards
  7. crab walk/crawl forward
  8. inch worm
4 rounds of 

  1. 15 pull ups (2 blue bands)
  2. 120 jump rope (or 50 dbl unders)
  3. 10 HRPU hand release push ups 1st set was on my toes and the rest were done on my knees. 
My time 10min 9 sec.

The warm up was pretty long. My strategy when working out is do it as fast as I can (as correct as possible of course) and it will be over with sooner. 
I am happy that the pull ups are getting easier, but I don't know how much resistance it was for sure. Before I was using a green band and this time with 2 blues. I think it was easier. maybe it was less work. 
The pics are of the crab walks and inch worm. 

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