Monday, March 5, 2012

Fun night PR Day!

Very exciting today see what's after the WOD....
Warm up:
  1. 1 lap (1/3 mile)
  2. Jump rope for ......i think forever!!
  3. Double unders 1 min. I am getting better. I can do them now AND i can 2 in a row!!! woohoo! LOL moving up in the crossfit chain
  4. PVC stretches (over and back x10 & left and right skin the cat 10 each)
  5. PVC practice for the WOD
WOD: PR Day!!
  1. PR for Power cleans my max 75 lbs (didn't have prior # to compare)
  2. Box Jumps 2 min AMRAP 30 for me on a 20 inch box. I usually do the 18 inch box. Today was the 1st time for the 20 inch box.  (didn't have prior # to compare) or high Jumps for advanced 


Before class, very interesting...  I have never seen a person jump so high without a spring board. 
This is pre class, these are some guys from my 7'Oclock class.The pictures are blurry cause of my AWESOME EVO!! I swear I should bring my camera in there! I could really get some fantastic moving shots! But this will have to do. 

On the way up

 Preparing for the jump

 Yeah that's a body up there
 This is from the 6 O'Clock class. No hands of course
The ladies representing their jumps too! She looks like she's floating!This is one of our coaches Jaime and one of our 6 O'Clockers Mimi doing their High Jumps. This is pretty amazing 24 inch box and 11 weights stacked!!
This is a mini clip of the highest jump he did. This is a close a it get's to flying LOL. I thought he wasn't going to attempt is again so I stopped recording so the beginning got cut off. Have you ever seen such a thing?! 24 inch box and 12 weights total I believe was about 60.5 inches...
So there you go!! Hope you liked todays blog!!
Chow chow for now
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