Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday 3/8/12 PR day!!

I really enjoyed today! I love the weights and there was minimal running. My shins are thankful for that! They are still really painful after the WOD from the whole week of running like crazy.

Warm up:

  1. 400 meter run (no lap! yea)
  2. pvc stretches and practice lifts for today's WOD
WOD:  PR's
  1. Snatch Press 65lbs max PR
  2. Press 70lbs
  3. Push Press 70 lbs
  4. Split/Push Jerk 95lbs
So here is my comparisons:

             October 3rd 2011               March 8th 2012
Snatch Press   n/a                                65 lbs
Press             n/a                                70 lbs
Push Press    55 lbs                              70 lbs
Push/Split Jerk n/a                               95 lbs

So I don't know why I don't have any of these initial ones, but I know I am lifting more. I really enjoy lifting weights
Just to add this. Michi, she's in the pic down below smashed my finger in the weights when counting and loading more weights onto the bar.... LOL See I put you here for that. Luckily it was very minor. Actually she didn't smash it, it was just barely the tip of my finger. 

I recorded this on my phone/EVO and apparently the phone or I don't have the technology to rotate the video. 
Soooo just tilt your head to the left LOL and watch that way. 
Next time I'll know. I'm SORRY for giving you a kink in your neck. 
Anyway this was my PR (personal record/max) for the Split Jerk 95 lbs. When bringing it down I was tired and it felt like it slammed on my chest WOW!! 
The one on the left is me and on the right is Michi. Tilt head LEFT :)

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