Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday 3/29/12 100 reps of WHAT?!

Oh my gosh! Not only did the WOD have my enemy task involved, but then it was a killer of a WOD too!!! I was shocked to say the least.
Warm up:

  1. 2 min jump rope
  2. 1 min double unders still getting better!!!!
  3. PVC stretches and practice moves for WOD!
This is really unbelievable
  1. 1 mile run (9 min 13 sec)
  2. 100 push presses (40 lbs and 35 lbs)
  3. 10 Muscle ups/ Burpee pull ups of course I did Burpee pull ups
My time 22 min 34 secs VERY LONG WOD
The mile was a little easier, but still thought I would fall out in the middle of 8th street. That would have been a sight! A bright green speed bump! I almost stopped, but got some really great words of encouragement to just keep going. Don't let my heart slow down to start all over again. Hey if I am going to suffer I might as well suffer a shorter length if time right? 
Next for to 100 push presses!! Yes and that's not a typo either. 100 oh my goodness 100. That is all I kept thinking. I was asking everyone else too. REALLY?! 100?! 
My strategy was to do light weight for this one. smart right? I know I am a genius LOL. That was just plain common sense. I would be an idiot to do heavier weights for 100 reps of push presses.
I started out with 40lbs. and doing 10 reps at a time. That lasted twice (20reps) Then dropped to 35lbs. for the rest doing 5 reps at a time. I thought it was never going to end. 
Finally the Burpee pull ups. 10 seemed ok, but after lifting all that weight and to lift my big self was like what the hell?! Thankfully there was a bit of a jump to lessen the weight otherwise I would still be there hanging off the bar! Anyway nighty night 

100 of these?! Killing my shoulders.
Do see the fear in my eyes? or is that stupidity for
going thru with it.  LOL
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday 2/27/12 WOWzers!

 Today is going to come back and haunt me tomorrow.  Well at least the pain will I am sure. Lets see...

Warm up:

  1. run a lap
  2. jump rope (I think it was at least 7-8 min) we were jumping forever then he started 3 min time after a while. Coach Silvio says "as soon as you get in start jumping!!!! I will start the time when everyone gets inside!!" Like a drill sergeant, so that seemed like forever. Cramping feet!
  3. 1 min double unders yes yes can do a few!! Getting better!!! Cramping and all!
2 rounds of

  1. 5 push ups
  2. 10 BSU
  3. 15 air squats
pvc stretches 
practice lifts for WOD

20 Snatch Balance (me only 35lbs)

10 min AMRAP

  1. 4 HSPU (hand stand push ups)
  2. 8 hang squat snatch (35 lbs)
  3. 18 KB swings (26lbs)
I did 4 rounds + 21. Completed the final round after WOD was over so I actually did 5 just not in the time allotted. My shoulders are so going to feel this tomorrow. Between my feet cramping up from the jumping (jump rope) and the tightness in my shoulders from the weights I will be walking hunched over on my toes. Can you picture that? LOL 

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday 3/26/12 Burpees

That was a long break. Well it seemed like it. I went on Friday and call me what you want, but only 2 or 3 people were there so I left. I did a little Jump rope and left. The prior class was still going on 15 minutes after 7 so I left. Lazy huh?
So this past weekend there was the SuperHero Scramble and there were tons of fantastic pictures. I widh I would have went, but I was at my lovely job! :D No worries I am going to go to the next one on May 6th Merrel Down and Dirty...... Ohhh so excited!!! My first one. I cannot wait! 
Miami – May 6, 2012 | Merrell Down & Dirty National Mud and Obstacle Series presented by Subaru

On to today's Warm up:

  1. take a lap 
  2. jump rope (i swear it seemed like 10 min!)
  3. dbl unders (prob 1 min??) I actually did 5 without stopping, well it was a double and a single and a double and a single etc. but still it was without stopping! yea moving up. 
  4. yoga! lots of move let me see if I remember.. uh nope! 
a child's pose, a pike position, and soldier something and plank and well I really don't remember

7 minutes As many Burbees as possible (12.1)
6 inches over head (in other words JUMP lazy!)

I saw it and it that's it? 
ok so 7 minutes worth of Burpees is not "That's it?" Stupid comment!

 So I did 74. Kickin ass!! Tied for #3 
Steady steady and didn't stop. I wanted to but nope!

I get home and as usual I tell my other half what I did and he's like oh really do 5 for me. I said what?! really?! too tired your crazy! Then he says Lazy. LOL Whatever! I finally did ONE and he says there is no Burpee if you do only one.... YOU KnOW WHAT! LOL

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday 3/22/12 Flying off the bar oops

So I have to have a break mid week for classes now. That's ok. Today was a lot of strength again. No problem here cause I like that kind of work out! I heard yesterday was lots of running. Too bad I missed it. LOL.
Warm up:

  1. take a lap (1/3 mile)
2 rounds of 

  1. 5 HRPU hand release push ups
  2. 10 BSU butterfly sit ups
  3. 15 Air squats
On to the SWOD:
Bench Press
reps - 10, 10, 5, 5
weight - 55, 65, 75, 85
The last round of 85 was way hard. I could only do 2 on my own and the last 3 I needed help. 

7 min AMRAP

  1. 12 KB swings (26lbs)
  2. 9 push up (Hand Release)
  3. 6 T2B, K2E, BSU (I did knees to elbow)
total rounds 4 +24 (4 complete rounds and I had 3 pull ups left to complete the 5th round).
So what happened to me on the 1st round when I got to the K2E I kid you not I flew off the bar and practically flew to the middle of the gym. That was hilarious. I don't even know how that was even possible. It even broke my nail and peeled the polish off of one fingernail. Very weird. 
Good WOD! So here are a few pics below of the different exercises from my fellow Xfit-ers.

Armando- this is his RX LOL
12 Kg too strong! 

This is just so funny cause I couldn't stop laughing about this mini weight he was doing. It just didn't look right. 

Posing, posing, ok ok got it! 
295lbs go Rhino!
This was also really funny! ok ok let me pose! ok ok take the weight!!! No he did it, wink wink

KB swings

trying to upload a video will try later. 
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday 3/20/12 WOW what a WOD

After yesterday I didn't think it could get harder, but it did!!! Loved it even though I thought I was going to faint or die. Either/or. LOL
I didn't take a pic of the wall today cause I was completely exaughisted and I forgot. What a slacker huh? Oh well  

Warm up: 

  1. Take a lap (1/3 mile)
2 rounds of 

  1. 5 push ups
  2. 10 BSU 
  3. 15 air squats
PVC stretches
  1. 10 up and overs
  2. 10 skin the cats right
  3. 10 skin the cats left
  4. practice lifts for the WOD
On to the WOD:
5 rounds of

  1. 27 Box Jumps 
  2. 20 Burpees
  3. 11 squat cleans (55lbs)
My time 30 min 41 sec 

Oh my Goodness!!! This was so energy depleting. I thought I was going to fall over so many times. 

My life flashed before my eyes, the birth of my kids, joining crossfit, meeting of my.... No just kidding, but it was hell though!
Round 1 hard, thinking uh oh! CRAP!
Round 2 harder and thinking I still have 3 more left of this!!???
Round 3 difficult. Trying to keep somewhat positive, sweat dripping in my eyes for a first.
Round 4 thinking... is this going to end, will I make it to the end before I drop? 
Round 5 I see the light, but damn it it's taking forever! How the hell did I do that? 

When I was done all I could do is lay down on the ground and be thankful I completed it. This was a killer WOD... How am I even typing this?  so tired
Had one injury, poor Gabby, she gonna feel that one. 
This is what happens when you don't listen to Coach Silvio!!
Hey this sounds like Mommy Dearest "NO WIRE HANGERS!" LOL

Great form right there Tina

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday 3/19/12 Kicking A$$ day

Today was the way to start the week!!!! Awesome WOD today!!! After a bad weekend of horrible eating I so needed to work it off like this! 

Warm up:
  1. lap (1/3) mile
  2. butt kickers out the door and back in 
  3. high knees thru the gym out and back in 
  4. bear crawls out the door and back in
  5. crab crawls backward out the door and forward back in
  6. Practice lifts for the SWOD & WOD

On to the 
Back Squat (initial 10 reps bar only 45lbs)
reps 7, 5, 5, 3
   me 65lbs, 75lbs, 85lbs, 105lbs

10 min AMRAP
  1. 2 clean & Jerk Rx 185/115 (I did 65lbs no where close to Rx)
  2. 5 muscle ups with burpees (did mine on the rings)

Total Rounds in 10 min was 10!!! well did my 10th set of clean & jerk but didn't get to the last set of muscle ups.

This was such an awesome WOD! Even though I am no where near Rx I know I did very well!! So proud of myself. I hope I can keep it up with studying now.... We will see. I really do not want to stop going. I really love it!!
I am really happy that my fellow crossfit junkies are keeping up with my blog!! They really are some real athletes! I hope I make you chuckle a little in my blogs. I didn't realize the pic was blurry till I got home. I can't wait to see the Superhero Scramble pics for this weekend. I wish I could go, but unfortunately I work every Saturday and I will miss another event...
Alex here you go!!! He is a killer in the gym. Look at the pose!! BLOG IT! I didn't realize the pic was blurry till I got home. Sorry about that. Oh and by the way on the right he is 1st on the list, he did Rx!

Below is a video of Me doing the back squat. I am on 85lbs 5 reps

Here is Iris doing 75lbs 5 reps below

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Thursday 2/15/12 All about Strength

Today was an AWESOME day!! I just love lifting weights. Not like I want to become a muscle bound person, but I love how lifting weights makes me feel. Not to mention how many calories you burn from it too. I like how I can see my improvement based on how much easier the weights become to lift and the need for a heavier weight. 

Warm up:

  1. PVC practices for the WOD of the day. 
Yeah!!! no cardio killers today!!! See sometimes the rain is good.

 5 min AMRAP
  1. Shoulder to over head  80% of your max weight (my wt 65lbs, I did 27 reps) I used the Jerk press technique. I think pretty darn good!!!
reps 3,6,9,9,6,3
for example 3 SDHP & 3 burpees, then 6 of each etc.
  1. SDHP (sumo deadlift high pulls) my weight was 65lbs for 1st 2 rounds the 55lbs last 4 rounds)
  2. Burpees over bars (same number of burpees as lifts per round) as if Burpees are not hard enough but to jump over the bar too! There's the cardio we were missing in the warm up
My time was 6 min 34 seconds

I am so loving Crossfit!! It is addicting and always look forward to the torture of the day!

Check them out here:

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday 2/14/12 So tired

I think my body is too tired. I almost fell asleep when I got home, but decided not to cause I knew I would not go to crossfit if I did. So I was telling Manny that I was so tired and my thighs and calves were sore etc. and he says "can you massage my feet? My feet are sore from running". Umm HELLOOOOO????I was thinking did he just hear me say how tired I was and how sore I was? Then I thought oh yeah I forget men have that tuning out device when we women speak. He must have had the volume to my voice in his brain muted. I don't think he was listening. No wait I know he wasn't listening. LOL. Do you guys hear us speaking or is it like Snoopy the Charlie Brown character speaking "wha wha wha wha wha wha wha".
Anyway on to the day.

Warm up:

  1. Run a lap this was the hardest lap yet. My legs didn't want to leave the ground. It was like lifting 50lb weights off the floor with each step. 
  2. high knees 
  3. butt kickers
  4. soldier or toy soldier 
  5. bear crawl 
  6. crab walk/crawl backwards
  7. crab walk/crawl forward
  8. inch worm
4 rounds of 

  1. 15 pull ups (2 blue bands)
  2. 120 jump rope (or 50 dbl unders)
  3. 10 HRPU hand release push ups 1st set was on my toes and the rest were done on my knees. 
My time 10min 9 sec.

The warm up was pretty long. My strategy when working out is do it as fast as I can (as correct as possible of course) and it will be over with sooner. 
I am happy that the pull ups are getting easier, but I don't know how much resistance it was for sure. Before I was using a green band and this time with 2 blues. I think it was easier. maybe it was less work. 
The pics are of the crab walks and inch worm. 

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

tuesday 3/13/12

Thankfully no torture today. My thighs are a bit sore from the front squats yesterday. My collar bones feel bruised, I need to check that later. I couldn't believe how tired I was last night. I haven't been that exhausted in a long time. That WOD kicked my butt last night. 

Warm up:

  1. Jump rope for EVER
  2. Double unders 1 min (didn't do too well)
  3. run a lap
  4. PVC stretches
Snatch    reps 9, 7, 5, 3
my weights 35lbs, 45lbs, 50lbs, 50lbs

3 rounds of

  1. 10 HSPU (knees on box push ups) I did on 24 inch box
  2. 10 pistols alternating legs
TIME: 3 min 38 sec

Not a horrible WOD today. 
Today was all about proper technique and perfecting each motion. I did learn something different. I am not sure how to explain it, but when lifting for the snatch you thrust your hips out and kind of bounce the bar off of them. I kinda thought it was strange, but it did make it a bit easier. Also making sure we squat properly with the snatch all the way down with your butt nearly on the ground. I am happy it was not running like we were running from a grizzly bear to day or acting like a grizzly bear and crawling on all fours!! WIll be cutting out my Wednesday classed next week starting school again.... Oh boy!!
I guess thats it tonight. 

Those are modified Hand Stand Push ups above and Hand stand push up in the far back

Check them out here:

Monday, March 12, 2012

Oh MY GOODNESS! Monday 3/12/12

What happened today? It was a tiresome blur. When we came in the to gym one of the guys from 6 O'Clock was waving his hand across his neck and motioning go home. Like it was really bad.... We went in anyway of course. First thing there must have been 40 people in there for 6 O'Clock. Then we 7 O'Clockers there too. It was like a herd of people! Tons of sweaty and pre-sweaty people. It was silent for us waiting for our class to begin, cause we saw the suffering on their faces. Well here we go... Big Class today.Where will we all go as the days move on..
 Warm up: 
  1. run a lap (1/3 mile)
line up in 5s
  1. butt kickers up and back
  2. high knees up and back
  3. bear crawls up and back almost face to ground would have been a nice road rash
  4. 10 burpees
  5. 400 meter run
  6. 10 burpees
  7. 400 meter run back I started to sprint back but realized when I saw everyone doing burpees again I slowed down cause..... I couldn't BREATHE
  8. 10 more Friggen BURPEES!!!! That felt like a WOD in it's self
WOD #1: (groups of 6)

Front squat reps 7,5,3,3
7- 45lbs, 5- 50lbs, 3- 55lbs, 3- 65lbs

WOD #2:
5 min each with 1 minute rest in between each exercise
  1. Box Jumps 20 inch box for me (72 reps)
  2. Ring dips with 50lb resistance band (50 reps)
  3. KB swings 26lbs for me (50 reps)
  4. Wall balls 10 & 14 lb balls (50 reps)
It was seriously really exhausting! We never stopped moving and we finished 15 minutess after 8pm. Usually class is only 1 hour and sometimes ends early, but not today. My arms were trembling from exhaustion. I think I went into a moving coma during the WOD!!! I feel like sleeping and not waking up!!! 
This is so tough! What a way to start out the week. 
Nighty Night..........ZZZZzzzzzzz