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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday 11-30-11 WHAT!!!!

I would like to start out saying: I have been hurting for two days. My thighs are so sore and every time I get up I walk with a limp. Even my co-workers notice me walking with a limp, cause it is very painful to walk. 
If you look at the last two days you will know why......
So I almost didn't go cause my other half wanted me to stay home with him, but I told him no I need to go cause I may not go tomorrow, so I went. 
When I got there I saw what the WOD was and was soooo intimidated and scared. I was nervous. Take a look. I was thinking "abuse" 
Warm up:

  1. 1 lap 1/3 mile
  2. Stretches
now the WOD:

  1. 20 lunges with 15lb overhead
  2. 20 pullups
  3. 30 boxjumps (ate the box once)
  4. 20 double unders (jump rope)
  5. 20 ring dips last time I had bruises on my arms for a few days.
  6. 30 Toes to bar (couldn't do them, I did knees to chest for 12 reps then butterfly sit ups to finish off
  7. 20 kettle ball swings
  8. 20 knees to elbow I did butterfly situps
  9. 30 hang cleans 35lbs with bar from waist to under chin
  10. 20 back extension(superman) lay on stomach and lift feet and upper torso off ground
  11. 20 wall balls These are so hard I use 10 lb ball. By the way the balls smell so bad like someone has been sitting on them with a smelly rear. GROSS!
  12. 3 rope climbs. last time I attempted this I couldn't even go up the rope at all. This time I almost made it to the "pink" line, but couldn't. So proud I climbed the rope. Hell the last time I climbed a rope was probably in elementary or middle school.
Completed in 24 min 41 sec.
So now do you know why I thought ABUSE!! That was so intimidating but yes I DID IT!!!!
I think I will be crippled tomorrow and the day after that.
Chow chow for now. 

You know what I just wanted to throw this in there. The tragedies of crossfit and doing bear crawls on the PAVEMENT! Look at the middle finger! I guess that's all I have to say about that!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday 11-29-11

Today started off with the most humungous class ever!
The warm up was for a PB (personal best) 1 mile
My 1st mile run (10/11/11)was completed in 12 min 55sec (something like that)
Today I did the mile in 9min 28 sec
Yeah a great improvement!!!!!
I was talking to myself the whole time. Saying you can do it. Don't quit, don't give up, don't stop, keep moving, just a little bit more, almost there. I repeated it until I was done. I was so proud that I did not stop once! I wanted to stop so many times, but kept going!!!!
So Proud of ME!!!

reps of 9 - 7 - 5

  1. muscle up on the pull up bar (basically a pull up)
  2. Squat snatch I did 35lbs (all three rounds, my legs were still so sore from yesterdays squats with weights)
WOD #2:

  1. 10 candle stand ups into pistol (this is like starting in a squatting position then rolling onto your back and throwing your legs over your head to touch the floor behind you and throwing your legs back going into a stand up position on one or two legs)
  2. 20 hollow rocks (this is the silliest looking thing. you put your self in a U shape while laying on the floor and rock your body without touching your feet/legs and shoulders/head on the floor)
  2 rounds
That is the session THE END
Chow chow for now

Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday 11-28-11

So today, and I know I say this every time, was difficult as usual. 
It seems like every Monday is running and is so tough. Probably because of the long weekend. No it's just plain tough. Why do I pay to torture myself? 
hmmm..... oh yes I know to stay young looking. By the way I don't think I have been in this great of shape in so many years. maybe since high school. I guess it's worth it. Who am I kidding. Of course it's worth it!!!! (Oh Annette stop complaining)
Warm up:
  1. 400 m run
  2. but kicks to 1st island and back
  3. high knees to 1st island and back
  4. hand to foot 1st island and back
  5. bear crawl to 1st island then sprint to 400 m mark (manhole) and back

The SWOD was a little different than the wall on pic.

  1. Front Squats (not back) 15lb bar x15, 25lb x10, 45lb x10, 55lb x10 (total 55 squats) my legs started to cramp so I know it is going to hurt in the next 2 days. LOVE IT!
  1. 10 HSPU (Hand stand push up or modified. I did modified with my knees on the box and push up down to floor. When I 1st tried it I ried it with my feet on the box and nearly kissed to floor with my face, so I adjusted to the knees on the box.
  2. 400 meter run Still hate the running. I do not think I will ever love that.
5 rounds

I completely messed up my time, cause I did 4 rounds and was looking around for everyone else and no one was there except one other. I was thinking to myself hey where is everyone else? My time was like 13 min and 39sec. I know I didn't beat them all. I started to write down my info and saw 5 rounds...... crap I only did 4. I told Liz and she pointed outside. I was like DAMN IT. I should have know if no one else was there. So .... 1 more set of push ups on the box and out to the 400 meter run once again. My final time was 16 min. 
At least I was honest with myself and went and did the last round. I just have to say I love the way our coaches (Silvio today) encourages you to never give up. He always says to give it all you can for this 1 hour of our day. I really do try, but the running thing is so not my strong point. I really cannot stand running. My hips hurt all the time. I feel so old when I run. 

Chow chow for now. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday 11/22/11

Well I wasn't feeling well yesterday and didn't go. I felt so guilty too, but sometimes you have to listen to your body. 
Today was another different WOD. I don't think I have done the same one yet since I started. It's bee almost 2 months now. Well lets start with the warm up. 
Warm up:

  1. 1 lap (1/3 mile)
  2. sit down and multiple stretches for legs, body
  3. partner stretches which felt awesome (grab hands and lean back in sitting position)
  4. partner stretches grab opposite hands and stretch each side
  5. stretches w/ PVC over head & each side x10
That was an awesome warm up and stretch. 

WOD:  Meat Grinder sounds intimidating
3 rounds of

  1. 400meter run
  2. 10 clean & jerks   (all rounds within 15 min)
2 rounds of 

  1. 20 chest to bar pullups (mine with black bands)
  2. 20 thigh skip? push ups (yeah right, I couldn't if someone was lifting me up. Silvio our coach showed an example and it kinda looked like he was flying. CRAZY!!! I did regular pushups and not on my knees either. Yes MANLY PUSH UPS!!)grunt grunt
1 round of

  1. 30 toes to bar (umm yeah..... I tried but my toes didn't want to meet the bar today. They will meet again some other day. Until then it is knees to chest)
  2. 30 bar touch Burpees (apparently we have some half burpees being done so jumping to touch the bar at the end of each burpee ensures we do it right)
My time:
24 min 36 sec.
Sooo sleepy now. Nighty night and yes
Chow chow for now

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday 11/17/11

Just to start out, I got there early as usual and was talking with another person, saying WOW this WOD looks interesting and fun to do. We have never done anything like it.... I can't wait to try this one! I think I will actually like it! I am excited! So here's how today went. I may have forgotten some of the details but here it is.

Warm up:

  1. 20 pvc pass thru & skin the cats each side
  2. bear crawls from front door to back door 
  3. crab walk from back door to front door
  4. 5 min sumo deadlift high pulls (35lb bar) without putting bar down, really difficult
SWOD: bench press reps of 9-7-5-3 (35lbs x9reps, 55x7, 65x5, 65lbs x3reps) 

WOD20 min AMRAP (as many reps as possible)
  1. 5 wall climbs (these are one of the hardest exercises to do, you have to put your feet up on the wall and walk yourself back towards the wall, at one point I could only get my legs up then down. My arms are so weak)
  2. 10 up downs (like a burpee, but no chest to the ground, stay like a plank and go backup) (thankfully something like a little break in between tasks)
  3. 5 pass throughs (putting hands on boxes and passing your body thru the middle without touching your feet to the ground until your feet pass completely thru)
  4. 10 grasshoppers (like a mountain climber, but twisting side to side with each foot going toward opposite arm toward chest) (I found something I was really good at and could do quickly)
I did a total of 9 rounds. (but my wall climbs were awful)

P.S. During the WOD I told that same person at the beginning of the conversation above, What the hell was I thinking!!??  I should have known better. Why would I think it was going to be fun or easier???!!! I was a little delusional I think.

 Yeah Yeah that's me!!!!!!!!!!!! (65lbs) hurray!!!! I'm so proud of myself for sticking with this!  I encourage everyone to give it a try and prove to yourself you can do more that you think!
Thank you so much Crossfit Fortress for making my life healthier. Thank you Iris for pushing me to do this too. Can you tell I feel so great. Yes even though I am in pain.
Chow chow for now

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wed 11/16/11

Today's warm up and work out:
Warm up:

  1. 3 min Jump rope
  2. PVC stretches

  1. - 1/2 tabata plank rest on elbows ( 20 sec, plank, 10 sec plank on elbows, 8 rounds)
    - 20, 360 spin pushups 10 on each side
    - plank warrior play off.  best of 3 games!! (3 matches with partner) Position self in plank position and grab hands and pull to see which person can pull the other to your side. 1st round we both fell, 2nd round Heather won 3rd round I won. That was fun.

  1. burpees
  2. kettle ball SDHD
  3. knees to elbows or BSU (butterfly situps) I did 3 rounds of knees to elbows, but could only lift my knees to my chest then switched to BSU. Not that bad at least I attempted to do it.
reps = 1-3-6-9-12-15-12-9-6-3-1

My time 15 min 23 sec

Do I look beat or what?! EXHAUSTED!!!

Chow chow for now!!
Time for a shower!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday 11/15/11

I slacked yesterday. I wimped out. It was raining and I didn't go. I made up for it today though

Warm up:
  1. jog in place
  2. high knees
  3. butt kicks
  4. jumping jacks
  5. mtn climbers
  6. push ups 5
  7. butterfly situps  10
  8. air squats  15
  1. 10 knee to chest on bar
  2. 10 BSU
  3. 20 push press
  4. Broad jump down and back on walk way
  5. 100m sprint down ally and back then up stairs and back (yeah those stairs to the right, damn steep they are)  >>>>>
Skill WOD:
10-12 min muscle ups/ straight arm pullups (I know I am getting muscles, but where are they):)

800m run
15 hang snatch (35lbs)
3 rounds

Too tough for words today. 
Running is not my Forte....... that's what I have to say!

My time: 21min 9 sec

Chow chow for now!!!!!

Night Night, I will sleep tight!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday 11-9-11

Let me just start off by saying I could barely walk. I am feeling like I have arthritis in my bones. I asked Do I hurt due to working out? Or do I hurt cause I'm old...... 
I thought the pain stops after a while. My hips hurt from this morning and now after this workout, my abs are feeling the pain from yesterday's 100 butterfly situps and my back is going to really feel it in the morning from the kettle balls. Well here we go.

Todays torture, as follows

Warm up:

  1. 300 jump ropes/ 100 double unders
  2. 15 Burpees
  3. 20 Push ups w/ Downward
  4. 20 mtn climbers
  5. 20 air squats
  6. 20 pushups
  7. 20 lunges
  8. 15 burpees

SWOD:  Part 1
21-15-9 (so that is 3 sets)
  1. push presses ( 115/75)        (I did 45lbs for 21 reps & 3 reps, had to go down in weight to 35lbs)
  2. box jump ( 24/20)
Done in 9 min 10 seconds

WOD:  Part 2
  1. 800 m run
  2. 50 Air squats
  3. 50 kettle ball swings ( 1.5/1)
  4. 50 Air squats
  5. 800 m run
The run was killling me from my bones aching and my hip hurting and my body wanting to give out on me today.

Done in 17 min 45 seconds ;o

I have nothing else to say tonight. I am just too tired. so Nighty Night!

of course Chow chow for now

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday 11/9/11 Feel like an old lady

Today's task...... Be a man, suck it up and lift, lift, lift!

Warm up:

  1. 1 lap (1/3 mile)
  2. 10 burpees ( jump higher!)
  3. 15 push ups (piece of cake)
  4. 15 air squats (he made me do em twice, he said they were not low enough! so 30 for me)
  5. 15 mountain climbers (not so bad)
  6. 15 jump squats (terrible)
  7. 300 singles/100 double unders (my feet always cramps when jumping rope)
  8. 20 pvc over head and back
  9. 10 skin the cat right, then left
  10. stretches for shoulders
DAMN thats a LOT of warming up!!!

WOD #1

  1. 100 butterfly situps   TIME 4min 58 sec
WOD #2
  1. 3 snatches (55lbs)
  2. 3 burpees repeat
              10 rounds of this ( WHAT )

My TIME 7min 53 sec

Thank you and GOOD NIGHT! WHEW I am exhausted!
Too much sweating!

Chow chow for now

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tues 11-8-11. All about muscle today

Today was nothing but muscle.
Of course can't for get about the warm up 1st!!

  1. Run 1 lap (1/3 mile) wasn't last today!! ( but the guys were too busy chatting so I guess thats why thats ok I'll take it!)
  2. jog in place
  3. jumping jacks
  4. butt kicks
  5. high knees
  6. mountain climbers
  7. some kind of movement on all fours go in a circle then back the other way 6 times (I thought was going to get taken out by the guy next to me every time he was going around in his circle) I yell DON'T TAKE ME OUT!!!
  8. 5 pushups
  9. 10 butterfly sit-ups
  10. 15 squats
  11. I think that was it???
  12. PVC pipe 20 over head and back
  13. PVC 20 skin the cat left 
  14. PVC 20 skin the cat right
  15. PVC 5 dead lift
  16. PVC 5 power clean
  17. PVC 5 front squat
  18. PVC 5 shoulder to over head
I think that completed the warm up.......... Isn't that enough?

Now for the WOD
  1. Hand stand 5 seconds (real counting 1 one thousand, 2 one thousand etc.)
  2. 10 dead lifts Rx 105lbs. NO WAY I did 65lbs
  3. Hand stand 10 seconds
  4. 10 power cleans
  5. Hand stand 15 seconds
  6. 10 Front squats with the 65lbs
  7. Hand stand 20 seconds
  8. 10 shoulder to over head
  9. 3 rope climbs
COMPLETED in 9min 5 seconds!!!!
Ok so I remember climbing the rope in like middle school. I swear I climbed the rope! For some odd reason I could not get myself up the rope. Am I just old or to heavy to lift/pull myself up? Maybe I am a weakling. LOL Anyway I could scoot myself up the rope 2 time which equaled about 2 inched. Yeah I know thats not much.
I also remember doing lots of handstands growing up. I do not remember handstands being hard to do or requiring much strength to stand on my hands but once again I was wrong. It was not so simple. It has just been too long! I feel OLD.....
So here are some pics of the class before me, but we did the same thing. 

Chow chow for now!

Check them out! You can DO IT!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday 11-7-11 got beat today welcome back Silvio

WELCOME back SILVIO! ( he kicked my you know what today!)

Just to say the main coach has been out for a little while and today was his 1st day back and this was no joke. he came hard and fierce!
What a difficult day! More than ever. I threw up after just a part of the warm up.
So here's what we did:

Warm up: 

  1. 1 lap (1/3 mile)
  2. 10 burpees
  3. 15 pushups
  4. 15 air squats
  5. 15 mountain climbers
  6. 15 jump squats
  7. 300 single jump rope (this is where the deed happened, had to excuse myself) 
That was just the warm up! I was dead! that was about 35 - 40 min for the warm up.

Now for part 1 of the WOD (SWOD)

Part 1 SWOD:
 deadlift 10-10-5-5 ( 60-90 %) I did 65lbs/10 reps, 85lbs/5 reps, 105lbs/5 reps, 115lbs/5 reps
Part 2 WOD:
  1. box jump( 36″/24″) jumping on a box isn't as simple as you think try jumping it 55 time with running in between
  2. 100 m run (I think we did more, he adjusted our route, down the ally and back up the stairs and down and back to the box jumps)
Just to let you know how it was,  10 box jumps, then run 100meters, back to 9 box jumps then run 100 meters, 8 box jumps run 100 meters, etc. 
I finished in 15 min 37 sec. 
I think that is enough for now.. WHEW

Chow chow for now!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Thursday 11-3-11

I didn't work out Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday cause my other half was sick and couldn't leave the baby with him so I only got 1 workout in this week. Hey things happen...... What can you do. Just go with the flow right
Warm up:
  1. Jump rope 2min
  2. Double unders 2 min
  3. shoulder stretches with PVC

  1. 2 min amrap bar muscle ups (scales do chest 2 bar, on rings to beginners, or any other scale like strict pull ups) these were so hard, I don't remember how many I did, but it wasn't many. I have battle scars to prove it.
  2. 2 min break

From my arms rubbing against the rings. Still raw the next day, it looked like I was tied up or something. That took some explaining.

SWOD: 2 min shoulder to over head (Rx185/135) /i did 25 reps of 35 lbs (no way 135lbs)
WOD: 2 miles run
Do you know how awful running is? Well my 2 mile run made me think about it A LOT!  I did it in 21 min and 1 sec. Not to shabby for me anyway. 
See my time 21:01

I was beat! I felt like up chucking, but I didn't.

DONE!! I was dead tired I fell asleep Immediately when I got home

Chow chow for now