Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday 11-9-11

Let me just start off by saying I could barely walk. I am feeling like I have arthritis in my bones. I asked Do I hurt due to working out? Or do I hurt cause I'm old...... 
I thought the pain stops after a while. My hips hurt from this morning and now after this workout, my abs are feeling the pain from yesterday's 100 butterfly situps and my back is going to really feel it in the morning from the kettle balls. Well here we go.

Todays torture, as follows

Warm up:

  1. 300 jump ropes/ 100 double unders
  2. 15 Burpees
  3. 20 Push ups w/ Downward
  4. 20 mtn climbers
  5. 20 air squats
  6. 20 pushups
  7. 20 lunges
  8. 15 burpees

SWOD:  Part 1
21-15-9 (so that is 3 sets)
  1. push presses ( 115/75)        (I did 45lbs for 21 reps & 3 reps, had to go down in weight to 35lbs)
  2. box jump ( 24/20)
Done in 9 min 10 seconds

WOD:  Part 2
  1. 800 m run
  2. 50 Air squats
  3. 50 kettle ball swings ( 1.5/1)
  4. 50 Air squats
  5. 800 m run
The run was killling me from my bones aching and my hip hurting and my body wanting to give out on me today.

Done in 17 min 45 seconds ;o

I have nothing else to say tonight. I am just too tired. so Nighty Night!

of course Chow chow for now

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