Friday, November 4, 2011

Thursday 11-3-11

I didn't work out Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday cause my other half was sick and couldn't leave the baby with him so I only got 1 workout in this week. Hey things happen...... What can you do. Just go with the flow right
Warm up:
  1. Jump rope 2min
  2. Double unders 2 min
  3. shoulder stretches with PVC

  1. 2 min amrap bar muscle ups (scales do chest 2 bar, on rings to beginners, or any other scale like strict pull ups) these were so hard, I don't remember how many I did, but it wasn't many. I have battle scars to prove it.
  2. 2 min break

From my arms rubbing against the rings. Still raw the next day, it looked like I was tied up or something. That took some explaining.

SWOD: 2 min shoulder to over head (Rx185/135) /i did 25 reps of 35 lbs (no way 135lbs)
WOD: 2 miles run
Do you know how awful running is? Well my 2 mile run made me think about it A LOT!  I did it in 21 min and 1 sec. Not to shabby for me anyway. 
See my time 21:01

I was beat! I felt like up chucking, but I didn't.

DONE!! I was dead tired I fell asleep Immediately when I got home

Chow chow for now

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