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Thursday, October 27, 2011

2 days WED & THUR

Wednesday 10/26/11
honestly I do not remember everything, I was hurting & I thought I messed up my shoulders so I didn't even think about blogging, but here is what I recall.

Warm up
run 1 lap & I know more, but can't remember

WOD #1
  1. 7 min amrap (as many reps as possible) I could only do 3 reps since I hurt my shoulder
  2. 6 shoulder to over head (135/ 95) Unfortunately I hurt my shoulder on the first set so I couldn't do any more of these
  3. 3 inverted burpees    Like these. lay on ur back & roll up then a handstand & back down
  4. 100 m run                   running ..... WHATEVER!! I do it cause I have to

WOD # 2  yes thats right a second WOD!
  1. 50 deadlift (135/95)         Nice one
  2. 100 push ups              had to do modified pushups standing and doing on a box
  3. 15 min cap               I didn't count my time since I had to modify it so much

Tough WOD. I was disappointed in myself.....

Thursday 10/27/11

This one was hard too. Well everyday is hard why do I keep thinking any different...

Warm up 
  1. 400 meter run
  2. 2 min jump rope
  3. 1 min double unders
  4. pvc shoulders to over head
  5. 65lbs shoulder to over head 10reps x 3



  1. 400 m run              More running..... sad face :(     
  2. 40 weighted step ups (45/25) (24″/20″) on a box  (a very big box to me)
  3. 40 BSU (butterfly situps)  why did it seem so easy today?
  4. 400 m run    breathe, breathe, breathe, but don't pass out
  5. 30 weighted step ups            damn that box is tall
  6. 30 BSU
  7. 400 m run              breathe, breathe, you can do it
  8. 20 weighted step ups
  9. 20 BSU
  10. 400 m run          am I breathing? am I doing it?... I think so
  11. 10 weighted step ups
  12. 10 BSU   I DID IT!!

Done in 22 min 40 sec

That was a WORK OuT!!!!

Chow chow for now

Check them out!!!

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