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Monday, October 3, 2011

Crossfit day1

Ok so I finished my 1st day of my crossfit training. I was so scared I was going to not be able to do it, but guess what?  Uh Huh I DID IT!!!  AND it wasn't that horrible or scary. We learned how to do certain body movements and the proper techniques for some exercises we are going to be doing.  Of course how to do a REAL squat. So I thought I knew how to do it all along. I was wrong, but that's okay cause now I know how to do it right.
Lots of introductions and history about crossfit. So far LOVE IT!! and I enjoy the coaches ( they are not instructors or trainers). They are very personable and know how to teach and keep you engaged in the class.

Day one down!
 only umm 59 more day to complete this round!

Chow chow for now

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