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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

First Real day post 101 training

First thought........ WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!!!
I didn't work out yesterday cause I got home really late from work, but I think today made up for it

This is what the WOD (workout if the day) was.

Warm up
  1. 5min jump roap
  2. 2 min double unders (jump roap) - couldn't do one. I tried, but how do you do that??
  3. cleans with PVC pipe
  4. some other stretch with pvc pipe (cat scratch I don't know) LOL
  5. Cleans with 45 lbs - 12 reps, 9 reps, 6 reps. ( I thought I would never complete it.
That was just the warm up!!!    WHAT!!

  1. 800 meters run/jog   or in my case a bit of dragging at times IN THE RAIN
  2. 15 burpies               not to bad
  3. 25 pull ups               almost flew off the bar with the bands 
  4. 56 push ups             after pull ups??? are you serious
  5. 75 air squats            ass on the floor - SUPER HARD
  6. 400 meter run          my legs didn't want to move. left em inside the gym
  7. 75 air squats            I think I was numb don't remember much of that 
  8. 50 push ups             Again I love that floor... at least my face did
  9. 25 pull ups              numb, but didn't fly off this time 
  10. 15 burpees              HATE burpees 
  11. 800 meter run, jog walk, crawl or drag your body to the end.
That is a work out !!!  Running in the rain!!!   :O

I couldn't lift my arms at he end. I asked some guy can I go, he said "I don't know I just got here". I was so disoriented after that. Thats what I get for joining CROSSFIT!

Chow chow for now!

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