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Thursday, October 27, 2011

2 days WED & THUR

Wednesday 10/26/11
honestly I do not remember everything, I was hurting & I thought I messed up my shoulders so I didn't even think about blogging, but here is what I recall.

Warm up
run 1 lap & I know more, but can't remember

WOD #1
  1. 7 min amrap (as many reps as possible) I could only do 3 reps since I hurt my shoulder
  2. 6 shoulder to over head (135/ 95) Unfortunately I hurt my shoulder on the first set so I couldn't do any more of these
  3. 3 inverted burpees    Like these. lay on ur back & roll up then a handstand & back down
  4. 100 m run                   running ..... WHATEVER!! I do it cause I have to

WOD # 2  yes thats right a second WOD!
  1. 50 deadlift (135/95)         Nice one
  2. 100 push ups              had to do modified pushups standing and doing on a box
  3. 15 min cap               I didn't count my time since I had to modify it so much

Tough WOD. I was disappointed in myself.....

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday 10/25/11

Today was a little bit better.

  1. 1/3 of a mile run
  2. 2 min hang on bar with legs above waist
  3. 2 min v-ups
2 sets of this

  1. 3 snatch
  2. 5 handstand push ups ( me knees on box)
  3. 7 boxjumps
7 reps

                                 GWOD                       My time is at the very bottom 9min 40 sec

really not much to say about today. I did it. That's the important thing. Wait I can say I ran the lap and didn't feel like I was going to die. The 1st time I felt like dying.. now I made it without stopping so there is an achievement!!!

Yea ME!

Chow chow for now

Monday, October 24, 2011

Todays workout.... HELL! I think it is always though. Can't move


Warm up for the day 

  1. run 1 lap 1/3 of a mile
  2. high knees
  3. butt kicks
  4. over  shoulders and back with pvc
WOD (workout of the day)
  1. 100 pull ups
  2. 100 kettle balls
  3. 100 double under with jump rope or 300 single jumps
  4. 100 over head squats with bar (only 45 lbs still recovering)
TIme 30.29

My thighs began cramping instantly with the squats. On 10 I was saying to myself how many more?? 
I thought I was in pain the other day.......  NO today I am in PAIN!
Walking up the stairs at home TORTURE!!!
Walking back down the stairs cause I always forget something down stairs MORE TORTURE!!!
Squatting to give the baby a bath...... CRYING IN PAIN!!!
getting up from the floor in the bathroom from giving a bath. WHAT!!! I CAN'T FOCUS TO MUCH PAIN!
picking up the baby IMPOSSIBLE!!
I chose to do this because of what??
Oh yes I remember to feel good......... hmmmmmmmm

Oh the pain it hurts, but I know it won't be like this forever........

Until tomorrow 
Chow chow for now

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

2nd day of real classes

Yeah well what can I say..... 
I cannot move my arms above my shoulders. I am in so much pain right now. My legs hurt, my back hurts, my arms hurt a little but mostly my shoulders are killing me. It hurts to turn the steering wheel to drive. It hurts to grab my purse out of the passenger seat to get out of my car. It HURTS to MOVE! 
Just to let you know, I am not a sweater, I rarely sweat for any reason, but over there I have sweat dripping off my nose and thru my clothes. It is so tough, but I know it is soooo WORTH IT!

Thankfully we have IBUPROFEN......

Todays warm-up

  1. high knees
  2. butt kicks
  3. running/jogging sideways
  4. running/jogging backwards
  5. running sprints to some black car down the street and back 3 times. 
  6. Moving inside to continue the warm-up. 
  7. Hanging from the bar with knees to chest for a count of 120
  8. 21 Pull ups I think
  9. 30 presses on the hanging rings (or something like that) 

I still don't know the names of all these moves. 


  1. 21 box jumps 
  2. 21 shoulder presses
  3. 21 butterfly sit-ups
  4. 15 box jumps
  5. 15 shoulder presses
  6. 15 butterfly sit-ups
  7. 9 box jumps 
  8. 9 shoulder presses
  9. 9 butterfly sit-ups.             

The END!

No pictures today, I forgot to get some. Too tired too.

Chow chow for now

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

First Real day post 101 training

First thought........ WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!!!
I didn't work out yesterday cause I got home really late from work, but I think today made up for it

This is what the WOD (workout if the day) was.

Warm up
  1. 5min jump roap
  2. 2 min double unders (jump roap) - couldn't do one. I tried, but how do you do that??
  3. cleans with PVC pipe
  4. some other stretch with pvc pipe (cat scratch I don't know) LOL
  5. Cleans with 45 lbs - 12 reps, 9 reps, 6 reps. ( I thought I would never complete it.
That was just the warm up!!!    WHAT!!

  1. 800 meters run/jog   or in my case a bit of dragging at times IN THE RAIN
  2. 15 burpies               not to bad
  3. 25 pull ups               almost flew off the bar with the bands 
  4. 56 push ups             after pull ups??? are you serious
  5. 75 air squats            ass on the floor - SUPER HARD
  6. 400 meter run          my legs didn't want to move. left em inside the gym
  7. 75 air squats            I think I was numb don't remember much of that 
  8. 50 push ups             Again I love that floor... at least my face did
  9. 25 pull ups              numb, but didn't fly off this time 
  10. 15 burpees              HATE burpees 
  11. 800 meter run, jog walk, crawl or drag your body to the end.
That is a work out !!!  Running in the rain!!!   :O

I couldn't lift my arms at he end. I asked some guy can I go, he said "I don't know I just got here". I was so disoriented after that. Thats what I get for joining CROSSFIT!

Chow chow for now!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I did it!

Today was the last day of physical training. First warm up running then we did kettle balls, Back squats and the row machine. 

Kettle balls - technique

Back squats PB (personal best) was 105lbs

Rowing machine 1000 meters in 4min 54 sec. 
The rowing machine is a pure enemy. I think it is a torture Machine. I couldn't get my feet out of the straps when I was finished. They had to undo my feet and I had to lift my legs off the machine with my hands. I somehow made it to the wall and collapsed to the floor. That was probably a bad idea since my legs immediately started cramping. Damn I am getting old. Well I made it thru the training. 

Kettle balls

Back Squat

Thank you 

Tomorrow closing out the week with the nutrition education and the dreaded body fat percentage and I suppose the summary of our 101 training. 
Now to start my 90 day program (101 training included)

Well.... Chow chow for now

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 6 Power cleans and the mile

Well started off I thought I wouldn't make the mile run. It seemed to take forever. Nothing like running on 8th street and feeling like you are dying. It took me 12min 55sec. I know that was forever, but that was my best for today.
So my son tells me "mom I it in 6min 58 sec". WHATEVER!

After that we did the shoulder press and power cleans (is that right?) 55lbs each.

55lbs. Power clean
Yep Yep

Well that is todays class. Until tomorrow........ more running and lifting and lifting and he said you know what else..... That's right! MORE LIFTING!

Chow chow for now

Monday, October 10, 2011

First Lifts

After a 3 day break, we went in and did warm-ups which of course always feel like workouts in itself. You can barely breathe after the warm ups. They say "you'll get use to it".
Running (jogging), 2 min each of high knees, butt kicks and jumping jacks. I think something else, but can't remember. Maybe I don't want to remember.
Today was not soooo terrible after the warm-up. We did "Wall Balls" and "dead lifts".  The wall balls looks simple, but not so much. So you have to take this 10lb ball which doesn't seem much, but when you are doing this repetitively it's difficult. So you squat and on the lift you throw the ball to hit a target. Try doing that for 2 minutes straight. Yeah yeah you think it's easy. Hint to others move your face when the ball is coming down, I came close to hitting my face with the ball a few times.

The picture below was me getting ready for the lift. The real picture didn't come out clear so this is the only one I got. My "PB" Personal best was 160lbs. I have no idea if that is good or not, but I can say I liked the weights more than the killer cardio workouts.

Lift, Lift 
So proud of myself.

until tomorrow
Chow chow for now

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 4

Alright I went to go for my 101 class and come to find out there was no 101 class today. So the main coach comes out and says are you coming to the 7o'clock class? I told him I was waiting for the 101 class. He said stay for the regular class and I will modify it for you. So I stayed. What was I thinking. Let me say I have done the P90x and the insanity workouts, but haven't worked out in about 3 months.
He split the class into 2 groups, the oldies and the newbies.
I was so tired..... Running about a 1/3 of a mile (IN THRU THE NOSE AND OUT THRU THE MOUTH) then of course the warm up, which in it self is like a workout. When the warm up was done I looked at my watch and it was on 20 minutes in to the class. Goodness!! There are so many squats on a daily basis along with the sit-ups, pushups, jumping jacks, jump rope and so much more. All I could do between sets was love the ground. (I love that floor!)
As I was leaving and my neighbor  who was in the oldies snuck out and when I was driving by she looked at me like a deer in headlights. She jumped in my car and we left. We newbies finished a bit earlier than the oldies. She was like "he didn't know I snuck out" I just laughed. That perked me back up. So that was that.

Oh Crossfit Fortress, you kicked my butt!! Seems like the new routine for me these days.

Chow chow for now

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 3....

I am getting ready to go and I am , well let's say in a insy winsy bit of P A I N. Work it out, Work it out, I can do it!
be back later...........

Ok today was definitely tough. We were outside doing squats, high knees, butt kicks and jumping jacks and when we stopped I thought I saw a little bug flying in front of me but soon realized it was these little sparkles of light and I thought I was going to tip over. I was just like "stay standing Annette" Please! (In my head of course) I stayed standing, but I have know Idea how. Then after doing max amount of squats in  2 minutes we went and did sit-ups and pushups for 2 more minutes each. While doing the push ups... well let me tell you this I hate to put my hands on the floor I hate the dirt on my hands...... going back to what I was saying, while doing pushups I went down and couldn't do anymore. I laid on the floor with my face on the pavement and tried to do 1 more pushup and all I could do is turn my head the other way and lay my face on the floor again. WHAT THE HELL!. And this is just the 3........
Somehow I managed to walk or should I say drag myself to the car and drive. Crazy cause I was so tired and trembling barely turning the key to the car, but made it home in one piece Obviously right.
Anyhow that was day 3!

Wonder how I will be getting out of bed tomorrow.
Probably just turn over and fall out.
Maybe crawl across the floor, but maybe won't have the strength or be in too much pain, so yeah I thing I will drag myself across the floor.

Chow chow for now

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 2

I am loving it. Still in 101 class just learning techniques etc. but I can say my thighs are very sore. Since I haven't worked out in about 2 1/2 to 3 months my body is starting to yell at me "Lazy Lazy that's what you get!" Damn you but I have to say the pain is good!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Crossfit day1

Ok so I finished my 1st day of my crossfit training. I was so scared I was going to not be able to do it, but guess what?  Uh Huh I DID IT!!!  AND it wasn't that horrible or scary. We learned how to do certain body movements and the proper techniques for some exercises we are going to be doing.  Of course how to do a REAL squat. So I thought I knew how to do it all along. I was wrong, but that's okay cause now I know how to do it right.
Lots of introductions and history about crossfit. So far LOVE IT!! and I enjoy the coaches ( they are not instructors or trainers). They are very personable and know how to teach and keep you engaged in the class.

Day one down!
 only umm 59 more day to complete this round!

Chow chow for now