Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 3....

I am getting ready to go and I am , well let's say in a insy winsy bit of P A I N. Work it out, Work it out, I can do it!
be back later...........

Ok today was definitely tough. We were outside doing squats, high knees, butt kicks and jumping jacks and when we stopped I thought I saw a little bug flying in front of me but soon realized it was these little sparkles of light and I thought I was going to tip over. I was just like "stay standing Annette" Please! (In my head of course) I stayed standing, but I have know Idea how. Then after doing max amount of squats in  2 minutes we went and did sit-ups and pushups for 2 more minutes each. While doing the push ups... well let me tell you this I hate to put my hands on the floor I hate the dirt on my hands...... going back to what I was saying, while doing pushups I went down and couldn't do anymore. I laid on the floor with my face on the pavement and tried to do 1 more pushup and all I could do is turn my head the other way and lay my face on the floor again. WHAT THE HELL!. And this is just the 3........
Somehow I managed to walk or should I say drag myself to the car and drive. Crazy cause I was so tired and trembling barely turning the key to the car, but made it home in one piece Obviously right.
Anyhow that was day 3!

Wonder how I will be getting out of bed tomorrow.
Probably just turn over and fall out.
Maybe crawl across the floor, but maybe won't have the strength or be in too much pain, so yeah I thing I will drag myself across the floor.

Chow chow for now

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