Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday 11-28-11

So today, and I know I say this every time, was difficult as usual. 
It seems like every Monday is running and is so tough. Probably because of the long weekend. No it's just plain tough. Why do I pay to torture myself? 
hmmm..... oh yes I know to stay young looking. By the way I don't think I have been in this great of shape in so many years. maybe since high school. I guess it's worth it. Who am I kidding. Of course it's worth it!!!! (Oh Annette stop complaining)
Warm up:
  1. 400 m run
  2. but kicks to 1st island and back
  3. high knees to 1st island and back
  4. hand to foot 1st island and back
  5. bear crawl to 1st island then sprint to 400 m mark (manhole) and back

The SWOD was a little different than the wall on pic.

  1. Front Squats (not back) 15lb bar x15, 25lb x10, 45lb x10, 55lb x10 (total 55 squats) my legs started to cramp so I know it is going to hurt in the next 2 days. LOVE IT!
  1. 10 HSPU (Hand stand push up or modified. I did modified with my knees on the box and push up down to floor. When I 1st tried it I ried it with my feet on the box and nearly kissed to floor with my face, so I adjusted to the knees on the box.
  2. 400 meter run Still hate the running. I do not think I will ever love that.
5 rounds

I completely messed up my time, cause I did 4 rounds and was looking around for everyone else and no one was there except one other. I was thinking to myself hey where is everyone else? My time was like 13 min and 39sec. I know I didn't beat them all. I started to write down my info and saw 5 rounds...... crap I only did 4. I told Liz and she pointed outside. I was like DAMN IT. I should have know if no one else was there. So .... 1 more set of push ups on the box and out to the 400 meter run once again. My final time was 16 min. 
At least I was honest with myself and went and did the last round. I just have to say I love the way our coaches (Silvio today) encourages you to never give up. He always says to give it all you can for this 1 hour of our day. I really do try, but the running thing is so not my strong point. I really cannot stand running. My hips hurt all the time. I feel so old when I run. 

Chow chow for now. 

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