Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wed 11/16/11

Today's warm up and work out:
Warm up:

  1. 3 min Jump rope
  2. PVC stretches

  1. - 1/2 tabata plank rest on elbows ( 20 sec, plank, 10 sec plank on elbows, 8 rounds)
    - 20, 360 spin pushups 10 on each side
    - plank warrior play off.  best of 3 games!! (3 matches with partner) Position self in plank position and grab hands and pull to see which person can pull the other to your side. 1st round we both fell, 2nd round Heather won 3rd round I won. That was fun.

  1. burpees
  2. kettle ball SDHD
  3. knees to elbows or BSU (butterfly situps) I did 3 rounds of knees to elbows, but could only lift my knees to my chest then switched to BSU. Not that bad at least I attempted to do it.
reps = 1-3-6-9-12-15-12-9-6-3-1

My time 15 min 23 sec

Do I look beat or what?! EXHAUSTED!!!

Chow chow for now!!
Time for a shower!

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