Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tues 11-8-11. All about muscle today

Today was nothing but muscle.
Of course can't for get about the warm up 1st!!

  1. Run 1 lap (1/3 mile) wasn't last today!! ( but the guys were too busy chatting so I guess thats why thats ok I'll take it!)
  2. jog in place
  3. jumping jacks
  4. butt kicks
  5. high knees
  6. mountain climbers
  7. some kind of movement on all fours go in a circle then back the other way 6 times (I thought was going to get taken out by the guy next to me every time he was going around in his circle) I yell DON'T TAKE ME OUT!!!
  8. 5 pushups
  9. 10 butterfly sit-ups
  10. 15 squats
  11. I think that was it???
  12. PVC pipe 20 over head and back
  13. PVC 20 skin the cat left 
  14. PVC 20 skin the cat right
  15. PVC 5 dead lift
  16. PVC 5 power clean
  17. PVC 5 front squat
  18. PVC 5 shoulder to over head
I think that completed the warm up.......... Isn't that enough?

Now for the WOD
  1. Hand stand 5 seconds (real counting 1 one thousand, 2 one thousand etc.)
  2. 10 dead lifts Rx 105lbs. NO WAY I did 65lbs
  3. Hand stand 10 seconds
  4. 10 power cleans
  5. Hand stand 15 seconds
  6. 10 Front squats with the 65lbs
  7. Hand stand 20 seconds
  8. 10 shoulder to over head
  9. 3 rope climbs
COMPLETED in 9min 5 seconds!!!!
Ok so I remember climbing the rope in like middle school. I swear I climbed the rope! For some odd reason I could not get myself up the rope. Am I just old or to heavy to lift/pull myself up? Maybe I am a weakling. LOL Anyway I could scoot myself up the rope 2 time which equaled about 2 inched. Yeah I know thats not much.
I also remember doing lots of handstands growing up. I do not remember handstands being hard to do or requiring much strength to stand on my hands but once again I was wrong. It was not so simple. It has just been too long! I feel OLD.....
So here are some pics of the class before me, but we did the same thing. 

Chow chow for now!

Check them out! You can DO IT!

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