Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday 3/6/12 PR & WOD

Today is another PR day!! Good for me! I know I am getting it!

 Warm up:

  1. Run a lap kinda fun cause I stayed to run/jog with my friend (my neighbor Iris) and then when we were about done I grabbed her hand and began run dragging her behind me and then we saw another girl in our class and she was walking and grabbed her too and ran. That was good!
  2. Jump rope warm up 
  3. stretches with PVC
WOD #1:
PR (Personal Record) AMRAP in 2 min

  1. Jump rope double unders or singles I did double unders, I could never do them at first for months, now I can!!! I did 28 double unders. I whipped my self several times in my legs, arms and bottom in the process, but did them! (double unders are when you jump over the jump rope one jump with 2 passes under you each time. 
WOD #2:
20 minutes AMRAP

  1. 15 KB swings I did 26lbs. Moving up
  2. 15 push ups (hand release)
  3. 100 meter run with the stairs
I did 7 rounds!!! in 20 minutes!! Not to shabby.... 
as you can see below this was after today's WOD.... everyone was EXHAUSTED it really was so hard and took a lot of strength and focus to do the KB swings. I thought my arms/shoulders were going to give up! The 1st couple of rounds I did my push ups on my toes, but using all the energy I had to scale down to doing the push ups on my knees. Then going to do the run (jog) was just as hard. Each exercise is a mental challenge. I just try to talk myself to just make it to the next step. I kept on. It was very difficult to say the least. 

So my coach Silvio asked about my blog today. I was very happy and proud that he enjoyed it!! Thank you for being a great coach and so positive. You make us all want to do better for ourselves!! I am so happy that we always have a good time in the process. I love the 7 O'Clockers!!

Check out the Crossfit Fortress webpage and FB page below. 

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