Friday, March 16, 2012

Thursday 2/15/12 All about Strength

Today was an AWESOME day!! I just love lifting weights. Not like I want to become a muscle bound person, but I love how lifting weights makes me feel. Not to mention how many calories you burn from it too. I like how I can see my improvement based on how much easier the weights become to lift and the need for a heavier weight. 

Warm up:

  1. PVC practices for the WOD of the day. 
Yeah!!! no cardio killers today!!! See sometimes the rain is good.

 5 min AMRAP
  1. Shoulder to over head  80% of your max weight (my wt 65lbs, I did 27 reps) I used the Jerk press technique. I think pretty darn good!!!
reps 3,6,9,9,6,3
for example 3 SDHP & 3 burpees, then 6 of each etc.
  1. SDHP (sumo deadlift high pulls) my weight was 65lbs for 1st 2 rounds the 55lbs last 4 rounds)
  2. Burpees over bars (same number of burpees as lifts per round) as if Burpees are not hard enough but to jump over the bar too! There's the cardio we were missing in the warm up
My time was 6 min 34 seconds

I am so loving Crossfit!! It is addicting and always look forward to the torture of the day!

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