Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday 2/29/12 Leap day! no PR's

Well first I just wanna say my shins hurt from running, my a$$ hurts from squats and my abs hurt from butterfly sit ups. Not only that but today I hit my hand really hard on a chart rack at work. I thought I broke my hand cause I was swinging my hand and BAM! It was throbbing so bad for a couple of hours, I was even waiting for the x-ray company to come in so I could get one done, but didn't want to stay. It is still tender, but I worked out anyway. Didn't want to miss out. So here is my cheesy pose before going to crossfit. LOL I love my new shirt!!! Got to support it!! 
So Manny asked me to give a cheesy pose so here you go! Look no love handles here. 
           So here we go!                                                                 Kiss my WOD!!!

Warm up:

  1. Take a lap! more running!!!!! my legs should be toothpick by now but they're not
  2. high knees
  3. 3 burpees
  4. but kickers
  5. 3 burpees
  6. mtn climbers
  7. 3 burpees
  8. PVC stretches
  9. more stretches
WOD: Helen

  1. 400 meter run could we run any more? my shins hurt like hell! I need a intsy wintsy break from the running thing (pretty please)
  2. 21 kb swings upped my weight to 29lbs/12kg I increased and I didn't go down to the smaller weight during the WOD! yup!
  3. 12 pullups 1st round with green band (50lb resistance) 2nd round half green only other half green and red band. 3rd round green & red band
3 rounds

My time 12 min 31 seconds
I don't think I have sweat so much in any class! This one I felt the sweat dripping down my back. It was so stuffy and hot in there. The running actually let you cool down in between rounds. Love how I go to torture myself, but I have a good time, can I say it again? Everyone in my class is great!!! Laughing and too much fun!

So I went to look up the WOD "Helen" and apparently not all WODs are after real people.... They have many WODs named after women "the girls". There are THE BENCHMARK GIRLS and THE NEW GIRLS. Then there are THE HERO WORKOUTS, named after Hero's who have died in the line of duty. Police officers and mostly military men and women (actually one woman)
Today's WOD was after a BENCHMARK GIRL (HELEN)
Well until tomorrow
Chow chow for now!!

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