Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tuesday 2/28/11 Week of PR

I am excited for this whole week. I want to see if I am better and improving. Only the numbers will tell.... so I was at home before I left and though damn I hope it's not the mile. If you have read any of my prior posts you know how much I hate the dreaded "mile". I said I need to go so suck it up! (I went)
First this was my neck this morning at work. After those back squats yesterday. Imagine we had the neck pads too. If not it would be black and blue probably.
Anyhow on to the week of PRs.

Warm up:
  1. Lots of stretches warming up those legs (uh oh)
  2. Butt kickers
  3. High knees
  4. Take a lap a lap? really? we're doing the mile today... ugh. This is a repeat of the last time I did the mile, run a 1/3 of a mile to do a mile
  5. more stretches with pvc
  1. 1 mile this is a repeat in my complaint about the MILE. talking to self "you can do it" "don't be the last one" "don't give up" I can say at least I wasn't totally winded by half way thru. That came a little bit further in the run. I was behind some chatterers. I always wonder, how can you talk and run at the same time. I guess it's because they can do more, cause if I tries to talk and run I think I would pass out and someone would have to go get a tow truck to pull me back to the gym. Anyhow I made it in better time than before!!! Even though it still felt like forever. YIPEE!!!
  2. 2 min pull-ups AMRAP Ok now I usually do it with the black band which is 100lb resistance which I was told. This time I did it with the green band which is 50 lb resistance. Right there is my 1st step. I did a torturous 18 reps in 2 minutes. I wanted to completely give up after 8. I did a total of 18 reps. 

So to summarize  here are my comparisons below:
 Oct 2011          Nov 29, 2011      Dec 5, 2012       Today Feb 2012
Mile  12min 55 sec        9min 28 s         9min 20 sec     9min 4 sec

Pull ups n/a                                                  18 with 50lb resistance band

Overall I did pretty well I increased my running time and I decreased the amount of resistance needed for my pull ups although it was nearly impossible, but I couldn't do it with the green bands before at all. So that says a lot!!!
Blogging late, but Better late than never, Until tonights Crossfit Class

Check the out on their webpage and FB page. You can see some pics from our Spartans there too!

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