Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Monday 2/13/12 Deadlift day

So after taking almost a week off here we go DEADLIFTS!!!
I felt a really bothersome pain in my right shoulder from the week before last. I went last Monday, but my shoulder was still bothering me really bad. I couldn't lift it even at work using my pen to write was a nuisance so I decided to take the rest of the week off last week to let myself recuperate a bit. I was hesitant to go today too, but I did feel better and I did not do certain moves that cause me a bit of pain to my shoulder by either over stretching or pulling it. Overall I felt really good and the WOD today didn't feel like it put any strain on my shoulder since the movement that was bothering me was lifting over my head and we didn't do that today except during warm up which I avoided doing.
So with that said lets move on!!
Warm up WOD:

  1. run a lap with the stairs
  2. 20 push ups (I did modified on knee to put less stress on my shoulder)
  3.  20 BSU (butterfly situps)
  4. 20 Air Squats
  5. 2 min jump rope
  6. 1 min double unders (I am getting a little better. I can do a few at a time without stopping)
3 rounds of

  1. 10 dead-lifts (Rx women 165lbs) I did a little more that last time I did 115lbs
  2. 200 jump ropes or 50 double unders (I did 200 since I can not do the double unders consecutively)

My time was 10 min 52 seconds with my new weight of 115lbs!!

Yellow 25lbs each
Black 15lbs each
Green 10 lbs each
Bar 15lbs
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