Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday 2/23/12

I am in so much pain today. Achey achey achey. Is that how you spell it? When I get out of bed or stand up I feel broken. Pain pain go away come again another day. (Please) 
Ok on to the 
Warm up:

  1. 1 lap 1/3 mile
  2. 2 rounds of 
  • 5 burpees
  • 10 air squats
  • 15 BSU
      3.  20 PVC pass thrus & skin the cats both directions
      4.  Practice lifts for the WOD

7 minutes AMRAP

Snatch/Burpee Ladder jumping over bar

1,1  2,2  3,3  4,4 etc

I did 6 rounds and started my 7th.

This seemed quite complicated to grasp I felt like a dummy. I kept asking ok so do we do it like this? LOL Whatever right. Honestly my arms, shoulders, legs and everything else is killing me. I am too tired to write about today really. 
Won't be going again till Monday that is if my body lets me go. I am so beat, a very tough week in Crossfit!
To all of Crossfit Fortress Spartan competitors, good luck in the SPARTAN RACE this weekend!! I wish I could go, but I am working and my son has an audition on Saturday too. I can't wait to see all the pics that will be posted after the race. 
8 miles of obstacles Fantastic!! Good Luck!!

Spartan Race™, the global leader in Obstacle Racing since 2005, was designed by seven insane ultra athletes and a Royal Marine. If you have tried trail races, mud runs, tough mudder runs, or a warrior dash, it's time to step up to a brutal Spartan Race obstacle course. You can tackle a Spartan Sprint, a Super Spartan, maybe even attempt a brutal Spartan Beast, but only a few of you will have the heart to graduate up to our Death Race; the world championship of obstacle racing, and an endurance race like NO other. Are you unbreakable?

Why Spartan? Because the Spartans were tough as nails. Why race our obstacle course races? Because we all thrive under pressure, survival of the fittest. Our goal is simple... to get you off your couch, throw you in the mud & trails, and feed you one tough endurance event day that will be the adrenalin rush of your life.

An obstacle course race is designed to test your resilience, strength, stamina, quick decision making skills, and ability to laugh in the face of adversity. We want to own obstacle racing and our unique obstacle course trail races will demand every ounce of your strength, ingenuity, and animal instinct.

You will understand at the finish line... but don't wait to sign up as our races do sell out!

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