Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Monday 2/6/12

Today is painful Monday. I am still trying to recover from last Thursday. My right shoulder has been sensitive since  then. All weekend whenever I moved quickly or had to do anything I complained like a baby about it bothering me. I was debating on whether or not to go tonight and almost didn't, but I figured I could do something else if needed. They are really good at modifying a work out for you most of the time.
Warm up:
  1. Jump rope 2 min
  2. Dbl unders 1 min
  3. run in place/ pushup
  4. run in place/ BSU
  5. run in place/ mtn climbers
  6. stretches pvc
  1. Sprint to manhole (<400) including stairs
  2. 12 box jumps
  3. repeat #1 but backwards then sprint back from manhole 
  4. 12 box jumps
WOD #2:
I did all my exercises with only 35lbs, cause of my shoulder
  1. 1 min Power cleans not to bad. I really couldn't focus too much I was thinking about my shoulder too much (17 reps)
  2. 1 min rest
  3. 1 min Front squats no bad at all, did 20 reps
  4. 1 min rest
  5. 1 min shoulder to over head this was the one I was afraid of. I was very hesatant to do this one and I did not lift as I should, but thankfully was using  only 35lbs. I did only 10reps. I was slow and very cautious. I had a few moments that was uncomfortable, but continued. If it would have been painful I would have not done the exercise at all.
Over all tonight's WOD was good considering. It was a fairly easy night. We were suppose to use heavy weights, but since I couldn't I was an easy going night. Only issue is it was like a steam house in there. I don't know if I ever mentioned this, but there is no air conditioner in there. Well it looks like there is suppose to be, but they surely do not use it and there was absolutely no breeze going thru there. Even though it was an easy night it was a very sweaty night too. yuck...
Chow chow for now
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