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Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday 4/30/12 CHIPPER & almost time for the Down and Dirty mud run

Today is a day that I thought I was going to fall over. Way to start out the week!! They tried to kill us today at the Fortress. But I survived!! It has been raining here for 3 days straight, if not a downpour at least a constant drizzle. That didn't keep me inside I kept going and showed up!! That is dedication! 
Warm up:

  1. Jump rope 2 minutes
  2. 30 sec push up
  3. Jump rope
  4. 30 sec BSU
  5. Jump rope
  6. 30 sec Air squats
  7. Jump rope double unders to end the warm up

  1. 800 m run so it's been a while since I ran this much. I know I will be in pain tomorrow at approximately 2pm exactly! right around the hip joint area.
  2. 50 Air Squats after running these sucked! UGH!
  3. 40 Burpees these were the hardest Burpees I have ever done! I couldn't even jump after them! can you say O L D!
  4. 30 pistols going down was easy it was coming back up that was the killer!! Thankful I had something to hold on to
  5. 20 HSPU of course modified for me knees on a 24" box with push up to floor. yup upside down
  6. 10 pullups I was numb after all of that so piece of CAKE! of course the double bands didn't hurt either :) 
  7. 800 m run This was the point I felt like I was dying and couldn't breathe. GOD help me is what I was saying.
My time was 18 min 5 sec
I just love when I come home after a terribly hard WOD and say to myself "I did it! while many others are just sitting at home watching TV and eating, I am committed!"
At least I survived and will come another day!!!

So this weekend is my obstacle course comp. So excited and terrible nervous at the same time. I am hoping to not be left behind since this will be my first and I am the least experienced with this. I hope I can keep up. And at the same time not hold EVERYONE else up either. 

5K obstacle course my 1st one!!

5 foot wall climb
8 foot ladder wall
Tunnels crawl thru
4 foot Low wall
Inflatables 20 feet high slide down the back side
10 foot High wall with climbing holds land on a 6 foot platform then jump to ground
Slippery mountain climb with rope
Mud pit crawl under flags to finish
high wall
low wall
slippery mountain
mud pit

Be ready!!!
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Thanks!!! :D

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