Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday 4/10/12 lifting and jumping

Today I was determined to a better job from yesterday. No negativity today. Positive thinking gets positive reactions. So let's get right into it:

Warm up:

  1. take a lap (1/3 mile)
  2. jump rope 
  3. 30 sec push ups
  4. jump rope
  5. 30 sec BSU (butterfly sit ups)
  6. jump rope cramping of my feet starting 
  7. 30 sec air squats
  8. Done! I think or was it more jumping??? Who knows
Snatch Balance 5 reps at a time 3 rounds did 35lbs x2 rounds & 40 lbs last round
(start out with your weight resting on your shoulders then at the same time you go down into a squat, you throw your arms up with elbows locked above your head.) 
It kind of looks like catching the bar with your arm above your head while you are in a squat position, then standing up) 
This is my girly description of the snatch Balance :) you like that huh? 


  1. 30 dbl unders/100 single jumps I did the singles for each round
  2. 15 dead lifts (245/165) my wt 125 lbs
  3. 30 dbl unders/100 single jumps
  4. 10 dead lifts 125lbs
  5. 30 dbl unders/100 single jumps
  6. 15 dead lifts 125lbs
  7. 30 dbl unders/100 single jumps
My time 9 min 29 sec
Below is my weight I did 125lbs. In the pic below is Naeomi. she lifted her body weight 105lbs. Pretty awesome. I didn't notice till I got home that I nearly did my body weight too. I was just a couple of lbs away from my actual weight. So not too bad huh? I felt good today and felt I performed well. The last set of dead lifts was a killer! I had to talk myself into it the last 5 reps. I don't think I have ever done that many reps with that amount of weight. My butt, back and thighs are going to feel it tomorrow. My shoulders are already sore. and now even more tonight. I always know when my legs are going to kill me when I can barely stand after relaxing when I get home from working out. Today was just like that. 

125lbs my lift
Naeomi 105lbs

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