Saturday, April 28, 2012

Thursday 4/26/12

What a funny class today. We were nothing but giggly and it just kept getting better. 

Warm up:

  1. Jump for 3 minutes
  2. take a lap (1/3 mile)
  3. PVC pass thrus
  4. PVC skin the cat left and right
  5. practice lifts for the WOD

  1. Squat snatch 2 reps 5 times each. (55lbs) we worked in pairs I worked with Michy. Well she did the 55lbs. I couldn't do the lifts today. Every time I attempted it m left shoulder was killing me. I attempted several times and decided this was not for me to do today. So actually Michy did 55lbs total of 10 reps
  2. Snatch pulls 2 reps 3 times each (85lbs). (this lift it lifting the weight from the ground up to your waist and shrugging your shoulders, not bending the elbows) that's the lift. The bar never goes higher than your waist/pelvis. So! we could not get this technique down. WE ladies tried and tried and tried and tried. We just couldn't do it right. It took us forever to do it correctly. Andy showed us the technique so many times and we just couldn't get it. We practiced again without the bar and with the bar. So here's the funny thing. Michy was up and doing her round when Andy the coach was showing us the technique and helping Michy with the lift. So he grabs the bar and she was suppose to do the lift in progression, 2 steps. Step 1 lift from floor to above knee. Step 2 rock forward and straighten body and shrug your shoulder to shrug the weight up. She does the entire motion and Andy's hand was right on the middle of the bar the whole time. So Picture the description above in parenthesis, and Andy's hand holding the middle of the bar. Basically his hand got stuck for a moment in the wrong place cause she did all the movements all at once. It was hilarious. We could not stop laughing and Michy was just like nothing happened. She said our faces were priceless. Poor Andy was so professional and was like umm you were suppose to do progression (step by step). The other girl was like can I do that? LOL for real. Oh my Gosh I just died. I hope you could picture what I was saying. 
So before all of that happened we all argued about the reps on the board. Cause the coach says 2 reps 5 times each. The board reads to me 5 reps 2 ties each. Oh man, this was like a 5 minute discussion with all of us ladies and Andy. That was the start then the SWOD. Hilarious!! Moving on to the  WOD

7 minutes AMRAP
1-1, 2-2, 3-3, etc. 
1 HSPU 1 pistol, 2 HSPU 2 pistols, etc.

  1. HSPU (hand stand push up/ knees on box and push up on ground)
  2. weighted pistols (I did no weight and holding bar)
I did about 8 rounds a total of 84 reps.
My thighs have been killing me lately so this is either going to make it worse or just kill the pain away. So far I think it tricked my body to have less pain. Anyway thats the "Blog" of the day. A day or 2 late, but here it is!! 
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