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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Monday 4/16/12

Ok I know this is slow poke entering here. 
at least I am still doing it. 
Monday 3/16/12
Warm up:

  1. Take a lap (1/3 mile)
  2. Jump rope till everyone inside
  3. Jump 2 min
  4. push up 30 sec
  5. Jump
  6. BSU 30 sec
  7. Jump
  8. Air squats 30 sec ( that was hard after all that jumping)
  9. PVC stretches and warm up for the WOD

  1. Snatch 5 reps 1x each 70-85%
35lbs, 65lbs, 75lbs couldn't lift it went back down to 65lbs for rest of reps

     2.  3 rounds of Back squat hold 3-5 seconds 2 reps (low squat and parallel squat)
75 lbs, 95 lbs


  1. 400 m run with stairs I am telling you running SUCKS!!!! I don't think I will ever think it is ok to run! That is definitely my enemy. It is a LOVE/HATE relationship. I know it is good for me and keeps me in shape, but hate the task cause it hurts my shins after for 2 days! AND hate with a passion too!!
  2. 15 C2B or pull-ups (green band for 2 rounds and green+red band 2 rounds)
4 rounds

My time a Torturous 14min 18 seconds. 
Let me tell you I am so proud of my girls (and guys) in the gym. They are kick ass girls (and guys)!! We all work together and push each other to never give up and do well!!! It makes it so much better!! You ladies know who you are! Thank you for staying positive and making it a fun place to be. Oh and yes the coaches too!! Crossfit is so worth it!!!!!! a great group of people!

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Thanks!!! :D

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