Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday 4/23/12 4 WODs in 1 eek!

So I didn't post my Thursday WOD, but I will put a pic of what we did at the end. Today when looking at the wall I thought was someone confused when they wrote this down? LOL. I was like really? but then again I frequently say "really?" when I look at the wall. 

So warm up was:

  1. 3 minutes of jump rope he always sneaks in extra time with the jump rope. Silvio says "START JUMPING!" then starts the clock after you have been jumping for a few. Sneaky sneaky
  2. 1 minute of double unders  couldn't do one today. my body did not want to be in the air.To much gravity today
  3. 2 sets of 
  • 5 push ups
  • 10 BSU 
  • 15 Air squats
     4.  PVC stretches

  •  10 up and overs 
  • 10 skin the cat right
  • and 10 left
Today we had 4 WODs in one!!! WHAT!!

Back Squats 1 set of 20 reps 60% of max. NonStop
I did 85lbs. Video below

WOD #1: 5 minutes AMRAP

  1. 10 wall balls (10 lb ball)
  2. 10 burpees
I did 4 rounds

2 minute break
WOD #2: 5 min AMRAP 

  1. TGU (Turkish Get ups)
I did 26  reps with an 18lb kettle ball. (LOOK AT IT!!!)

2 minute break
WOD #3:  5 minutes AMRAP

  1. 30 Double unders or 120 single (jump rope) I did singles of course
  2. 30 Toes to bar or knees to elbows. (I did knees to elbows and knees to chest) WHEW!! 
I only did 2 rounds

Steph she may be small but she is so strong!
That WOD was a killer for real. Long and tough! I love it though. Am I crazy. We had a good time. Everyone is great and always pushing each other. Awesome! You go girls don't give up! When I say I can't, they say you can!! Thank you ladies!   
Me doing my 85lb back squats nonstop with Silvio spotting me & Krizia doing the same. We all did a great job!

Last Thursday
see pics
my time 5 min 48 sec 

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Thanks!!! :D

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