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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wed 1/18/12

 Today was a good day. I felt like we needed a well deserved light day. We all work very hard. I was feeling bad anyway and I almost didn't go, so that was a blessing to me. 
The warm up:
  1. 2 min jumping jack
  2. 1 min double unders (jumping jack)
  3. three sets of 10 for the following
  • push ups
  • butterfly situps
  • squats
Them multiple stretched with the PVC
The WOD 4 sets of
  1. 10 front squats I did 45 lbs
  2. 10 HSPU I did modified handstand pushups with knees on box and push up to floor. 
My TIME: 5 min 53 sec.

Now there were those Crazy guys who just love the whole work out thing and did an extra WOD after class. You know what I have to say about that. You SO CRAZY!!! LOL

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