Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tues 1/10/12

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Day 2 after my month break and I remember this feeling. Pain pain and more pain. Boy it has been a while since I felt so sore. I know for a fact that tomorrow I am going to be crippled. Todays WOD was all about lifting and strength. I am sore today WHAT ..... I think I might cry tonight about the pain so I don't waste my time crying about it in the morning. I think I am going to need a few extra minutes to get ready tomorrow. My shoulders hurt, my biceps are tender, my thighs are hurting and my buttocks (he he) are sore too. 

Warm up :

400 meter run
Of course I forget the names, the guy who made lifting a winner for the US?? I don't remember. 

G WOD: 2 rounds of
  1. 20 Vsit ups yes they are VERY HARD I suck this week
  2. 10 sec hold Plank I really like this one, really effective for my core
  3. 10 sec hold L-sit how is this even possible? I tried so many times to get my legs up and it was IMPOSSIBLE
WOD: 5 rounds of 35lbs for each lift
  1. 9 dead lifts lift lift lift
  2. Hang snatch I felt like She-ra ugh!!!
  3. 3 OHS (Over head squats) Good for your A$$ buttocks. I actually enjoyed this WOD :)
My Time 8 min 39 seconds
So I heard a funny story about the 6 O'clock class so the coaches always want to make sure your techniques are right and the weight is good for you. They come by to check everyone. So the coach was checking Hang snatch and tells one of the girls "Let me see your snatch" How funny is that?!!!! Please forgive me LOL.
Now in my class 7 O'clockers. I love it!! They never stop talking and joking. I so enjoy myself in class. They make it go by so quickly! 
So I forgot to mention yesterday was the 1st 101 class for the new year and usually they have 5-12 people in that class (101 is a 2 week class to teach about crossfit and techniques). This week there must be about 20 people!! Way to got to make a great new years resolution!!! I hope they stick to it!! Good luck Resolutioners!!! and WELCOME to Crossfit Fortress!
 Chow chow for now

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