Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday 1/9/12 back after 1 month out. Whew

So I have not been to Crossfit since I think the 8th of December. I was pleasantly surprised to see some awesome upgrades to the gym. It looked like Santa visited the Fortress for Christmas!
So to my surprise we had a special Client Appreciation day and had a DJ during out workout!!!
 DJ with the MAC!
He was so awesome! Here is a peek at crossfit before/after the WOD tried to keep faces out. I think I will do more video uploads since I get there early and I can show you how class is. The quality is not so great and no class is going on it is in between classes.

So back to business
Warm up:
  1. super funny, get a partner and with partner sitting on floor legs straight out and both arms aout the sides, the other has to jump over each arm and leg (3 jumps = 1). So 10 going around in one direction and 10 going back abound the other direction. Funny cause I thought my partner was going to jump on my arms. I was nervous. LOL When it was my turn I realized how hard it was to keep jumping over those high arms. 
Next was
  1. 10 pushups
  2. 10 butterfly situps
  3. 10 squats

Today's WOD
  1. 3 min wall ball (20/14) wall balls SUCK!!!! (14rx) 
  2. 1 min break  loved it! 
  3. 3 min kb swings (53/35) not too bad 
  4. 1 min break thankful for it!! 
  5. 3 min box jump (24/20) so afraid I will eat the box with my shins and my face 
  6. 1 min break just a little longer pls
  7. 3 min SDHP (sumo deadlift ?? press?) I forget these names all the time. (45lbs) I went light cause it has been 1 month. I sucked at this today. I need to FOCUS!!!!!
My total count was 119 moves for all stations. That was the lowest reps for the class :[

<My medicine ball 14 lbs I think

<My kettle ball

<My bar 45 lbs
Chow chow for now!!!

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