Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mon 1/23/12 & Tues 1/24/12

Monday 1/23/12
I was so tired yesterday after my class I didn't even blog  about it. I fell asleep almost right away. So I am going to do yesterday and today. I am really so tired I almost fell asleep, but decided to do it now before I forget.

Starting with yesterday. See I already forgot the warm up and WOD, Thankfully I always take a picture of the Wall.
Let me see the warm up......
  1. run a lap I think
  2. I have no idea what else..... I have the memory of a fly
WOD: 3 minutes of each AMRAP (as many reps as possible)
  1. 3 min Over Head Squats (135/95) I did 45lbs
  2. 1 min break
  3. 3 min Lunges (45/25) 15lbs for me. These walking lunges with weights are a killer  
  4. 1 min break
  5. 3 min wall balls burpees (20/14) 10lbs I tried to do the burpee holding the ball, but my face almost kissed the pavement, so that was a no go for me. Drop the ball and do a full burpee
  6. 1 min break
  7. 3 min Sumo Deadlift High Pull (115/75)45lbs this is ridiculous! Women were not made to do this one. LOL Very awkward. 
 Completed 78 total moves
Tired and weak after class

Tuesday 1/24/12
Moving on to today's WOD
The first thing I want to say is my ass was in pain from all those lunges yeasterday.
When I got there the room was completely empty where in the hell did everyone go. Why was it quiet and what the hell was going on!? Every time you see it that quiet you know it is going to be a HORRIBLE WOD! I actually asked Sivio "Is there no class today?" He said Yeah there's a class. I was just looking around for any other 7 O'clockers.... hmmm where were they? Yes there were a few regulars who didn't show up. Why was that? I will tell you why. Those sneaky you know whats. Did they get a heads up on the WOD or was it a coincidence?
Well the Wall was blank!!! So not pic today. That was strange. I never saw that before.
So a blank wall, no one in the room.... bad news right?
Warm up:
  1. lots of stretches
  2. 1 lap (1/3 mile)
  3. butt kickers across the gym and back
  4. high knees across the gym and back
  5. this soldier walk across the gym and back
  6. inch worm?? to mid gym and jumps to the other half this was just hilarious
  7. more stretches
  1. run 1 mile done in 9min 20 sec. Just in the 1st minutes I was thinking please don't quit, please don't stop. I wanted to stop so many times but seeing my fellow athletes in front of me made me not want to quit. I didn't want to get left behind. At the very end of the mile Mondo was in front of me walking and I told him let's go.  We got the the very end and sprinted to the finish!! That was so hard! I can't believe we did that! 
  2. @ 12min run 800 meters More running?! Ugh!
  3. @ 18min run 400meters MORE RUNNING!? Damn it!!! I hate you all!! I just want to curl up and disappear
I was dead tired, but to my amazement a few stayed behind and worked out a little longer! They are so awesome!! I have so much respect for them. So much running! This was one of the worst one's yet! Running is my weakest points. I would rather plank for a long time, than run this much. But on the positive not... I did it. Considering I wanted to leave once I heard what we were going to do. I stayed and completed it all. When I got home I couldn't even lift my leg to get out of the car. I literally dragged my leg off the edge of the car and let it drop to the floor. Exhausted!! 
I won't be going tomorrow, my son is going to try out for an artistic program at school tomorrow night. So back on Thursday.
Chow chow for now

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