Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday 8-30-12 ALL 10's

No WOD yesterday I had Open house for my son. He called me on my way home and said "hi mom I have open house tonight" Great no notice! Oh well. So I get there a few minuted early and I see Monstro there on the rowing machine. He says I WODed this morning and he was just there cause he loves it and was doing 2adays. WOW! He got me to run a little before the warm up and I though... What am I doing I am going to have a big workout today. So I stopped. LOL On to the
  1. 2 min jump rope
  2. 400 meter run
  3. PVC pass thrus
  4. Practice lifts for the WOD (it was a lot of them)
WOD: It's a LONG ONE!!
  1. 10 OHS (overhead squats) 55lbs
  2. 10 Box Jump Overs
  3. 10 Thrusters 55lbs
  4. 10 Power cleans (65lbs)
  5. 10 toes 2 bar/ knees @ elbow
  6. 10 Burpees
  7. 10 toes 2 bar/ knees @ elbow
  8. 10 Power cleans (65lbs)
  9. 10 Thrusters 55lbs
  10. 10 Box Jump Overs
  11. 10 OHS (overhead squats) 55lbs
Uhh yes that was the WOD Looks horrific and yes it was hard, but it was worth it. I completed it in just under 11 minutes. I practiced a couple minuted of double unders after the WOD. I did them, that was good! About 5-7 at a time. Decided to do just a little at a time and not stress if I can't do it. It will happen.


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