Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday 9-10-12 Whew!

I missed out last week. We had state inspection at my job all week and was working late everyday. I didn't even see my house eveyday till the sun was down :( I missed my kids all week. Today made up for it. As Allison would say "go running?" :) On to the >>>>

Warm up:
  1. lap 1/2 mile
  2. 10 PVC pass thrus
  3. 10 skin the cats left and 10 right
  4. Practice lifts for the WOD
  1. Front squats 3 rounds of 5 (65lbs)
20 min AMRAP
  1. max pull ups
  2. 400 meter run
I did 52 total pull ups with green band and 6 rounds. It was different each round. 1st round I did 12-14 next was 8-10 pull ups. Whenever we do it again I will try more pull ups and less running *wink wink*. but really I want to try more pull ups for real. The running was as usual not my favorite thing to do, but it was great to be WODing again.

This was a really difficult WOD. I am so glad to go back to the BOX!! I am so sorry, but I can barely keep my eyes open so a short and sweet blog


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