Monday, September 17, 2012

Oh Monday how you creeped up on me 9/17/12

Monday snuck up on me. Almost 1 year at Crossfit Fortress! A couple more weeks. Super duper tired after today's WOD. I forgot to take a picture of te wal so some of the WuWod is a guess :) So sorry

(Wu WOD):
  1. take a lap 1/3 mile
  2. 10 alternating lunges (35lb bar)
  3. 12 thruster (I think)
  4. 10 alternating lunges (35lb bar)
  5. 12 thrusters
PVC warm ups and practice lifts for the WOD
over head squats?? (oh my gosh you think by now I would remember the names, oh I feel so absent minded :))
2x3 @ 60% 55lbs
2x3 @ 70% 65 lbs

squat balance 
3x3 @ 55lbs

7 min AMRAP
  1. 15 thrusters (35lbs)
  2. 30 doube unders/150 singles
I did 3 rounds. Those damn double unders go me! Ugh I swear! I want to take the damn rope ond hit it against the wall. Oh well I tried and tried and finally at the end on my 3rd round I could finally do it. I guess better late than never :)
So after the WOD Daniel says ok come on lets go do a lap! Are you kidding me?! I said you are nuts what for didn't you WOD enough? He says "I broke in my shoes now I want to run to see how they feel when I run!" Oh gosh I went, but I so cut thru the parking lot! I was tired and did not want to run! Well I did it, maybe half a$$ but I ran after a WOD. Completely nuts.
See ya!

I truly cannot wait for these!

Coming also in October on the 21st!!

The Challenge

Per their web site:

What should our racers expect on the day?

• 5k or 10k run on flat & mountain bike trails (with random water canons).
• Monkey bars over a mud pit or even quicksand (we have the recipe).
• Rope climb over a river (or swim across it).
• A .25 mile swim across the lake or forfeit and walk around but have to carry a car tire.
• Rope challenges (cargo nets etc.)
• Logic puzzles / brain teasers.
• Quicksand pit (no seriously we have the recipe).
• Semi submerged tunnel crawl (fear of confined spaces / drowning)
• Ice plunge (basically a pit filled with ice and water).
• Beat the crap out of a punch bag. (timed)
• Finish line is a barbed wire mud pit crawl and a final climb up to a leap of faith into the lake.

Think that’s it?
To get to the finish line there is one final challenge – time to see who is TRULY fearless.
And what is this BIG surprise challenge?
Sorry, but that has to stay a secret until race day as we don’t want to risk people freaking out prior to the race, just trust us, NO-ONE has done anything like this before at one of these events.
It’s honestly going to blow peoples minds.

Something for the kiddies:
We will also have some mini mud runs for the kids.
A 100 / 200 meter mini obstacle course with mud pit for the 4 – 8 year olds
A full mile version for the 9 – 13 year old group. Tons of smaller but still fun obstacles and of course, tons of mud.

Check out Crossfit Fortress Below

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