Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday 9-11-12 Deadlift PR 175lbs :)

After a week and 1/2 off I so paid for yesterday. I was so sore today. My shoulders, biceps, legs, back all of it was sore. Oh how I miss it! LOL Will on to the ....
30 second drills

  1. High knees
  2. butt kickers
  3. 10 push ups On the wet ground (chest to floor)
  4. 10 jumping air squats
  5. 10 jumping lunges
  6. 10 push ups On the wet ground (chest to floor)
  7. 10 jumping air squats
  8. 10 jumping lunges
  9. PVC pass thrus & stretches
  10. Practice lifts for the WOD
Deadlift PRs :)
My PR (PERSONAL RECORD) was 175lbs :)

12.9,6 reps (12 box jumps 12 snatch etc)
Box Jump (24/20)
Snatch (95/65lbs) I did 55lbs
20 calorie row (this was a killer!!!)
Box Jump not gonna lie on my last 2 reps (9,12) I went down to 18inch box

I was so out of breath it was crazy! So not much to say... Crossfit is a killer everyday! You have to push yourself everyday and tell yourself all kinds of crap to not give up! 

box jumps in the back! someone flying in the air!

Mimi as usual kicking butt in the back


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