Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wed 9-12-12 welcome

So for some odd reason there were a bunch of missing atheletes tonight. hmmmmm I think someone spilled the beans on what the WOD was today! LOL We usually have so many people that we are crammed in there, but not tonight. Wait till you read what the WOD was:)

Warm up:
all of the excersises were across the gym and back
  1. high knees
  2. butt kickers
  3. burpee long jumps
  4. inch worm (so funny)
  5. PVC practice lifts for our PR backsquats
Back Squat for PR
My PR was 135lbs :)

100 Burpees

you that's it! 100 burpees LOL It took me 10 minutes. UGH! When I got past 50 I started counting down and when I had 10 left I was counting down out loud it definitely was a mind game to myself.

So yeah I don't know where everyone went to. They missed out on BURPEES!!!!
I hope I do not have to do anymore burpees for the rest of the week!

Chow chow for now! :)

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