Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Back at it after a sick week last week

My 100th POST!!!
Boy I guess I had a lot to say!!
Today was a make up day for me. I went last Monday and didn't go the rest of the week. I felt so bad the rest of the week. Still not a 100% but so so much better! I so needed to work out! After working out for over a year and almost a year at crossfit Fortress, you need to work out. When I do not go I feel guilty and like I cheated myself. Not today! On to the Warm up!
  1. 2 min singles (jump rope)
  2. 3 rounds of
5 push ups
10 BSU
15 Air Squats

   3.  10 PVC over head stretches
   4.  10 skin the cat left and right
   5.  practice lift for the WOD

  1. 5 sets of 3 Strict Press as heavy as possible. (55lbs) Woot Woot LOL
It is really hard to do Strict Presses. Never realized how much the dip helps you lift the weight over your head till yo have to do it.

15 min AMRAP
  1. 15 wall balls (12 lbs)
  2. 30 double unders or 120 singles
I did singles for the 1st round and attempted double under in the second round. Failed the 1st couple attempts but really was hoping to do the double unders cause the 120singles take forever to do compared to 30 double unders. you can do so many more rounds! So The 3rd attempt I did 9 in a row and then just kept going. It too 3 tries but did the complete 30 in 3 tries. So so HAPPY! I DID IT! I did double unders nany nany boo boo. LOL
But really I came home and did them even more. I have no idea how I could just all of a sudden do it??? I practiced so many times and failed. Just need to keep at it.
I did 6 rounds in 15 min. I just barely completed it

I have been watching all these guys and ladies that are so amazing at what they do and have been hoping that I could be like them. I feel like I am starting to get there. Although it has been almost a year I feel like I am just begining.
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Thanks!!! :D

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