Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday 8-13-12 Sick

I was getting a sore throat and felt like I should work out anyway. I heard you should sweat it out or work right thru a cold. So that is what I did. During the WOD I felt ok. Coughing a little, but mostly ok. after I felt just awful. My head was pounding and was so stuffy. I felt like my head was under water, but on to the 
  1. take a lap (1/3 mile)
  2. 1 min jump rope
  3. 20 sec push up
  4. 1 min jump rope
  5. 10 sec squat (forget what it's called) and bring one leg up. Alternate legs tight core. or Rx Kangaroo jump (squat and jump with both knees up high)
  6. 1 min double unders (I could do 4 in a row)
  7. 10 sec mountain climbers
  8. PVC stretches
back squats 20 reps (65lbs) unbroken.

front squats 5 rounds
  1. 3 reps 65lbs
  2. 3 reps 85lns
  3. 3 reps 95 lbs
  4. almost able to do 105 lbs (ran out of time)
15 min AMRAP
  1. 7 inverted burpees or (14 burpees) I did inverted
  2. 9 HSPU (isuded 24''box)
  3. 12 knees to elbow, BSU or toes to bar (I did knees to elbow for 4 rounds then BSU for the last rounds)
I did 5 complete rounds and 7 more inverted burpees.(on the ground roll backward and back to the front, stand and do a handstand against to wall and back down. that is one rep)
 I am falling asleep while doing this blog. So sorry, but I really have to go, I am exaughsted! I felt so stuffy after the WOD. My head was going to explode and It was like everything was in a jar. very far away. nighty night.

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