Friday, July 13, 2012

Tuesday, No Wednesday & yes Thursday

So I am late on posting, but I have been extremely busy between work, family, crossfit and my lovely hobbies on reviews and such. So here is the break down of the past 3 days.
Warm up 

  1. Take a lap (1/3 mile)
  2. 50 mountain climbers
  3. PVC warm ups
  4. I am sure there was more, but can not remember - you see why I should do it every night??
3 rounds of 
  1. 100 meter run
  2. 7 snatch (I did 55lbs for all moves)
  3. 7 OHS
  4. 7 power cleans
  5. 7 thrusters
So I was begining to suffer today from the first WOD yesterday. Having a little anxiety of tomorrow, cause day 2 is the pain day. Overall so glad to be back in the box! Saw a few more people from before and happy to see more familiar faces. 

No WOD for me today. I felt pain in the morning, but the afternoon was ridiculous! I could barely pick up my daughter and put her in the car. I had to do it in 2 moves, cause I was hurting so bad. When I got home I sat and thought there was no way I could do all those move I need to do. I just needed some Ibuprofen and to relax and hope tomorrow would be a less painful day. It has been a long time since I had that kind of pain/discomfort. Oh memories :)
Can you hear the harps playing as I say my sad story?

No more slacking, no more, break, no playing time to get back and suck it up. The pain has subsided a bit and Ibuprofen works wonders. So back to the box I went!

Warm up:
I was sitting and noticed all my 7 O'clockers were gone. Off I ran!
  1. 1 lap (1/3 mile) today was hard I wanted to stop! but I didn't
  2. 9 jumping air squats
  3. 15 hand release push ups
  4. repeat 2 & 3
  5. PVC warm ups and practice lifts for the WOD
  6. A little yoga!! some stretches, planking forever....... boy she's a tough cookie!
3 - @60% (55lbs)    2 sets of 3 @70% (65lbs)   3 reps @80% (stayed @65lbs) tough

12 min AMRAP
  1. 100 jump rope
  2. 15 burpees
  3. 10 power cleans (55lbs)
I was dying!! I have some nice bruises on my knees thanks to the wonderful burpees! No shorts for me this weekend :(
I did almost 3 rounds I was 4 short of the last round, but didn't finish cause I felt a sharp pain in my left shoulder. I hope it's not screwed up again. 

Tina power!
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Thanks!!! :D

See ya !!

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