Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday 7-19-12 and a new race coming

I was happy to go today!! When I got there I noticed that just about everyone was finished and usually when that happens that means there is a lot of running involved. If anyone knows me they know I have running. Sure enough running was definitely part of the WOD! I have to be like Nike "JUST DO IT"! Stephanie was our coach today! Awesome job I have to say
Warm up:
Jump rope for 2 minutes then
3 rounds of
  1. 10 push ups
  2. 10 BSU butterfly sit ups
  3. 10 Air squats (I am getting the hang of these fly right thru it)
10 PVC pass thrus and 10 right and left
Practice lifts for the WOD

Hang Cleans
  1. 2 sets of 3 @ 60% (I did 65lbs)
  2. 3 @ 70% (I did 75lbs)
4 rounds of
  1. 4 push press (55lbs)
  2. 4 Front rack lunges (55lbs)
  3. 4 push presses (55lbs)
  4. 400 meter run this SUCKED!!! :D saying it with a smile!
we have some teens at the same hour and it was quite awesome to see one of the long timers (at least for me they are vetrans) push and go running with one of the teens to push and encourage him to finish. That was Erick. It was so nice to see that. He was running the last lap and just saying encouraging words. That is team work and being a great leader.
My time 13 min 39 sec

I am SUPER excited about this Thanks Michy for letting us know about this one!! I am anxious cause it looks like too much fun!!

coming October 13th in Miami!!
I cannot wait! I am so going to love this!! run, walk dance your way to the finish while getting painted with colors every 5 minutes. Start out wearing all WHITE and end up leaving looking like a bag of SKITTLES!
Check out the Link below for information in your state,
Color Me Rad! 

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