Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday 7/23/12 Ugh!

Nice weekend off and back to the BOX. When I got there I noticed an empty box except a few stragglers from 6 O'Clock and their faces had looks of WHY ME! That is always a bad sign. It usually means lots of running or lots of reps for people to complete it at their own pace.
I have a friend of mine joining from work. Started the 101 today. She getting ready for butterfly situps! Hi Ya Julya!! Welcome to Crossfit Fortress!
Warm up:
  1. 1 lap (1/3 mile)
  2. 2 rounds of
5 plyo push ups
10 box jumps
15 mountain climbers

Front squat
10 bar only (35lbs)
4 rounds of 5 reps @70% (55lbs)

5 rounds of
  1. 100 meter bear crawl
  2. 100 meters of broad jumps (3 burpees after every 5 jumps)
My time 21 min 48 sec

You will never know how horrible bear crawls are till you have to do it continuously for 100 meters 5 times. First off who likes to crawl on the ground on your hands and feet without your knees touvhing the ground. The while you are down there your hands of course get filthy from everyones nasty shoes. Not only that but you are crawling over everyone's sweat too. My shoes slipped on some sweat a few times. Eww yucky sweat. I was sweating like a pig too! YUCK! dripping in my eyes, now that's a WOD!


coming October 13th in Miami!!
I cannot wait! I am so going to love this!! run, walk dance your way to the finish while getting painted with colors every 5 minutes. Start out wearing all WHITE and end up leaving looking like a bag of SKITTLES!

Coming also in October on the 21st!!
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Thanks!!! :D

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