Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday 7-30-12 The "Chippper"

Great weekend! I have to admit I ate really bad I made lots of Thai food and I thought it was quite yummy! After all it was a special occasion. I know this is bad, but look at all this Authentic Thai Cuisine and some well just cause we eat everything! Here iss a peek into my family gatherings. Then into the WOD
Nam and Seafood Basil
Nam close up YUM!
You can't see what's hiding under all those fresh herbs, peppers, peanuts and fresh ginger
Fried wonton and calamari
Papaya Salad Very Spicy (with green papaya)

Fresh spring rolls just like my mom taught me with cabbage, carrots, celery and ground chicken YUM YUM!
And a few more things which I so forgot to take pics of

OK Enough!! On to the Warm up!
Warm up:
  1. 400 meter run
  2. 1 min jump rope
  3. 1 min double unders ( I actually did 5 in a row! uh oh you better watch out! LOL) 
  4. 20 PVC paas thrus
  5. 10 skin the cat left and right
  6. Practice lifts for the WOD
Yeah! terrible cramps from the damn jumo rope! I am so happy I was able to do more double unders! I need to get a good jump rope. I swear I jump and the ground wants to crumble beneath me. I am sure that is NOT proper technique!

Dead lifts
  1. 3@ 60% (35lbs)
  2. 3@ 70% (85lbs)
  3. 3@ 80% (135lbs)
My weight for the dead lift 135 lbs
Pretty good to me!

This was quite impressive!!
you see the girl in the second row
Umm yeah She is dead lifting 265 or 275lbs can't tell is she has 5lbs on each side. That is WOW!!!

  1. 50 KB swings RX53/35lbs (I did 36lbs)
  2. 25 Burpees
  3. 8 muscle ups or 16 pull ups (I did pull ups)
  4. 5 snatches (I did 55lbs)
  5. 8 muscle ups or 16 pull ups (I did pull ups) AGAIN
  6. 25 Burpees
  7. 50 Wall balls (I did 10lbs)
My Time: The longest 14 min 18 sec
Oh my gosh I know EXACTLY why it's the CHIPPER! First I deserved this for all the yummy food I ate this weekend!
The CHIPPER chips away at your muscles, strength, stamina and breathing. When I was doing my 2nd round of pull ups I thought almost there!Please just do it. I stopped 3 times to do the 16 pull ups. So So exauhsted! Then the 2nd set of Burpees. WHEW! Oh how I loved the floor today. I kept saying 40 more 30 more 15 more and every once in a while with my face to the filthy floor, but was so tired I didn't even care what kind of stuff was on that floor as long as it let me lay there and take a 3 second breather. Finally the Wall Balls oh man! catching a 10lb weighted ball may not seem like much and it isn't to a lot of people there, but catching it and going into the squat to throw it again?! Ugh!  No more terrible food! I will have to remember this.
Kettle bell 26lbs
and 14lb wall ball
So So TIRED!!!

Oh my nighty night! Yawn ZZZZzzzzzzzzz
Thanks Annette

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