Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday 7-16-12

My 2nd week back and it is kicking my butt. Let's get right into it!
Warm up:
  1. Take a lap (1/3mile)
  2. jump rope 3 min
  3. 2 rounds of 5 push ups, 10 BSU w/pvc, 15 air squats
  4. 20 PVC pass thrus
  5. 10 skin the cat right and left
  6. PVC stretches for the WOD
4 Rounds
  1. 3 Dead lifts 80% (85lbs)
  2. 5 push ups
4 rounds
  1. 15 KB swings (26lbs)
  2. 5 burpees
  3. 15 T2B or knees to elbow or BSU (I did knees to elbow 1st round then BSU for 3 rounds)
It maybe doesn't look like a lot but I certaintly left out of there completely sweaty! My hair felt like I just got out of the shower. Maybe because it was raining too LOL. I am so glad to be back at the box! Time to get some more energy and push myself harder!

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Thanks!!! :D

See ya !!

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