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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thursday 5-17-12

I didn't go yesterday I had class, but I am still very sore from Monday and Tuesday. I had a really rough night. I woke myself up several times groaning in pain. My shoulder is still bothering me. I think it is about 3-4 weeks now.
So I signed up today for my next race. Exciting! paddle boarding involved?

On to the Warm up:

  1. 400 meter run
  2. Lunges across the gym and back
  3. high jumps across and back
  4. 30 BSU
  5. PVC pass thrus
  6. Bergener warm up
  7. Practice lifts for the WOD
Hang snatch
3@60% (35lbs)
2@70% (55lbs)
2@75% (65lbs)

Hang squat clean

3@60% (35lbs)
2@70% (55lbs)
2@75% (65lbs)

2 rounds of 
30 wall balls (10lb)
30 push press (45lbs)
30 SDHP Kettle balls (26lbs)

A little tid bit. I finally got some new sneakers and these things are awesome for running!! I really never knew shoes could make that much of a difference. I swear I was running and bouncing at the same time. My feet felt awesome!!! The soles are thin, but they are AMAZING!!
Today was a tough day only because I am still suffering with a painful left shoulder. Hoping it will go away soon. 
Below are some picture of the 6 O'Clock class! 

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Thanks!!! :D

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