Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday 5/14/12

After a week off  due to nurses week, horrible down pour, school, dinner with family and let me just say it I just found excuses. I could have went, but like I said I made excuses. I guess my body just needed a little break. Well back on the grind today! Kicken butt!
Warm up:
  1. Take a lap (1/3 mile) trying to pick up the pace with my run today especially after that big long break last week.
  2. Jump rope 3 min
  3. Jump rope double unders 1 min
  4. plank it I love the plank! No matter how hard it is I still love doing it
  5. mult stretches including a few Yoga poses
  6. 20 PVC pass thrus left shoulder still bugging me. :( 
  7. 10 skin the cat left and right
  8. practice lifts for the WOD
  1. 3 @ 75% (35lbs) having a little pain but got a little more encouragement from a friend!
  2. 2 @ 80% (55lbs) love to hear the positiveness from my fellow atheletes
  3. 2 @ 90% (65lbs)
Squat Cleans
  1. 3 @ 70% (35lbs)
  2. 2 @ 80% (55lbs)
  3. 2 @ 90% (65lbs) could barely get it up, but pushing hard to do it! Got it!
3-6-9-12-9-6-3 reps
  1. Box Jumps (20 inch box)
  2. KB swings (26lbs)
My time: 5min 10 sec

After so many days off it was a little hard to get into it. My shoulder was still bothering me... I thought after last weeks break it would better, but not all the way. I could lift, but was very careful since it was tender. Thank you to Krizia for encouraging me and helping to not be so nervous about my lift!! :) Pushing each other is the way to go!
I will soon have the Down and Dirty Mud run video up! adding a few more pics and music. Be on the look out for it!
Oh my gosh! I just got up to take a little break before finishing and My body just yelled at me! Sit your Arsh back down! PAIN already??!! Oh BOY! Tomorrow is going to be a painful day......
Chow chow for now!!
See ya soon !
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Thanks!!! :D
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