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Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday 5/21/12

Back to Monday and had a great WOD. Haven't been sleeping well. My shoulder wakes me up in the middle of the night. i wake myself up moaning in pain. I hope it gets better soon.  

Warm up:

  1. 400 meter run
  2. High knees across gym and back
  3. Butt kickers across and back
  4. some kind of twisting salsa move across and back
  5. Jump rope 2 min
  6. jump dbl unders 1 min
  7. PVC stretches up and over x10
  8. skin the cat left and right x 10
  9. Practice lifts for the WOD

  1. 1 min plank (elbows)
  2. 1 min Box Jump (24"/20") I did 20"
  3. 1 min HSPU or hand stand I did hand stand
  4. 1 min break 

2 rounds


  1. 400 meter run w/the stairs
  2. 20 front squats I did 75lbs for 10 reps then 65lbs for all other reps

2 rounds
My time 8 min 36 sec.

The GWOD was pretty neat. I didn't think standing on your hands would be that hard, but standing on your hands for a whole minute you start to realize it is not a simple as you think especially after doing box jumps. 
The WOD well what can I say it had running involved, so if you have read my blog you know how I feel about running. HATE IT! usually the next day my shins hurt and well it is just something I prefer to pass on if I could. 
I have been doing crossfit since October 2011. I have also had the same sneakers since then. I am not a shoe person really. I always wore the same few shoes for everything, but my shoes have been in really BAD shape!
I just recently got  a 2 new pairs of sneakers. A pair of ASICS and a pair of NIKEs. I have worn both of them to crossfit. I wore the ASICS 1st and thought wow these are nice my feet feel good and they fit really nice, not all stretched out and over worn. 
Now the NIKE AIR TOTAL CORE TR are awesome!! I never knew having a great pair of sneakers could make such a difference. When I ran the 1st time in these shoes I felt like running forever. No kidding, I was like WooHoo my feet loved it my shins didn't hurt and well they were squishy on my feet while running. I was shocked and really I have not been able to stop talking about them since. I know people must think I am crazy for talking so much about them, but these are the best things ever!! No joke! They are probably not the most recent shoe cause I got them from Kohls, but they are AMAZING! I love them!! Can you tell did I talk about them enough? 
Any way here is a picture of both of them. 
The Asics and purple and grey and black

Nike Air Total core TR are grey with a neat neon green and teal green accents
 Loving these NIKEs, the soles are thin, but feel so squishy :D!!
See ya soon !

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Thanks!!! :D

See ya !!

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