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Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday 5-7-12 Wow! tough day!

Well we finally did the Down and Dirty Mud run yesterday! It was a fantastic time and I really am so happy I did it. On top of that I was able to do it with the greatest group of people!! Crossfit Fortress and Crossfit Kingdom. That is a great family right there. I will post another separate blog about the run later but there will be a peek at the end.
Warm up:

  1. Jump rope 3 min
  2. 5 push ups
  3. 10 BSU
  4. 15 air squats
  5. 5 push ups
  6. 10 BSU 
  7. 15 air squats
  8. 10 pvc pass throughs
  9. 10 skin the cat right and left
  10. warm up lifts for the WOD

  1. 400 meter run
  2. 15 clean & jerk (55lbs)
5 rounds

My time was 25 min 18 seconds
I felt like it was a heat wave in there. After coming in from the 400 meter run each time It felt like my face was on fire and like I was overheated. It took a sec to readjust and continue. After the 3rd round, it was just mechanical. Pushing myself just to get thru and done. Saying just 2 more, just one more. It was extreme today. Running in the light rain and the humid gym, Sweating so much. Exhaustion!!! 

Moving on like I say here is a peek at some pics from The Down and Dirty Mud run yesterday. I will be doing a separate blog and a video I am working on. I hope to get it done some time this week maybe this weekend. We had a really great group as you can see. So much fun. We must be crazy ....

See ya soon !
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Thanks!!! :D

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