Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wednesday is fun day! 1-16-13

Yeah that's what the Title says "Fun Day" ha ha. My left shoulder was pretty stiff and causing me pain all day. I drove up to the box and sat in my car and saw what the 6 O'Clock class was doing and thinking there was no way I could do it because my shoulder was feeling so bad. I got out of my car anyway and was stressing about it. Then I looked at the wall and laughed. It was CRAZY as usual.
Here is a trio that look so happy Time ran out! :)

 Nice job guys! (Nico, David and Kason)
Anyway on to the
  1. take a lap
I told Coach Silvio and he did a little checking and told me to lay on a bench and was feeling my back and shoulders then all of a sudden pop pop and crack crack and he said ok your all better. I got up and I was like "WHAT?" That was pretty amazing. I could lift my arm and I was like YaHoo! LOL. Right away in to the Crab Crawl.
  1. 100 m bear crawl which I missed out on cause of the above
  2. 100 m crab crawl
  3. 100 m butt kickers
  4. 100 m high knees
  5. lots of stretches
5 min max amt of Thrusters (95/65lbs) I did 55lbs and 32 reps

  1. 30 HSPU (handstand push ups)
  2. 40 Pull ups (used red & blue band)
  3. 50 KB swings (70/53) I did 26 lbs
  4. 60 BSU
  5. 70 Burpees
I will have to admit my burpees were pathetic. The half jump, but at least I got up off the floor each time and completed it. My Time was 19 min 17 sec. I am truly so tired and can barely keep my eye lids open so short and sweet.......... Thanks for checking out my Blog................................Nighty Night

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