Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday 1-14-12

Nice to feel like I am already getting in to routine :) Prepared for the tough week ahead.

A really big class to start the week.  Nice to WOD with some really familiar faces too.

Warm up:

  1. Take a lap 1/3 mile
  2. 2 min jump rope 
  3. 1 min dbl unders
  4. PVC warm ups & stretches
  5. These CRAZY jumps I don't remember the name, but if you are old enough to remember the commercial for Toyota and they use to jump in the air saying TOYOTA! That's the jump LOL! HILARIOUS!!!! We had to do it once. Kason, Monster, Julya and myself had to yell TOYOTA at least once. He he he gotta have a little fun before the torture. 

  1. KBSwings (53/35lbs) I did 35 & 26 lbs. I had to step down to complete
  2. BSU 
5x5 Dead lifts
  1. 50% of max (85lbs)
  2. 60% (105lbs)
  3. 75% (135lbs)
  4. 85-90% (165lbs)
Yes I got Julya to Lift with me. She did it up to the 135lb mark. So proud of her! She's a champ! I am glad to be working out with a co-worker and friend! Julya

Willie the Beast! Can you count the weight?
Willie and Ana!

going up! 135lbs

Oh yes and my next race will be COLOR ME RAD!!! on February 2nd
If you are interested check out their site and if you join, sign up with team 
Color Collision @ 9am 

The Challenge!
March 30th Team "dirty Time" @ 9am click the link below to sign up $59 use code 10OFF for discount or
There's a living Social Deal this week for $29
Hurry before they sell out and the price goes back to $59
The Challenge

Per their web site:

What should our racers expect on the day?

• 5k or 10k run on flat & mountain bike trails (with random water canons).
• Monkey bars over a mud pit or even quicksand (we have the recipe).
• Rope climb over a river (or swim across it).
• A .25 mile swim across the lake or forfeit and walk around but have to carry a car tire.
• Rope challenges (cargo nets etc.)
• Logic puzzles / brain teasers.
• Quicksand pit (no seriously we have the recipe).
• Semi submerged tunnel crawl (fear of confined spaces / drowning)
• Ice plunge (basically a pit filled with ice and water).
• Beat the crap out of a punch bag. (timed)
• Finish line is a barbed wire mud pit crawl and a final climb up to a leap of faith into the lake.

Think that’s it?
To get to the finish line there is one final challenge – time to see who is TRULY fearless.
And what is this BIG surprise challenge?
Sorry, but that has to stay a secret until race day as we don’t want to risk people freaking out prior to the race, just trust us, NO-ONE has done anything like this before at one of these events.
It’s honestly going to blow peoples minds.


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